31 October 2010

3 post in a day?

Yup, I couldn't even believe it myself. I actually blog thrice in a day! Also to commerate my MIA all the time.

In my previous post, I was saying I wanted to share something but i forget. It just clicked to my mind again.

Read this news. -Link- 

I am so excited with this Wet & Wild in Sydney. I don't know why I am so excited although it is only going to open in like 3years from now. By that time, I would have graduated already. Perhaps, I won't be here, well, who knows what would happen next right?

The place where the theme park is gonna be is very close to where I am staying now. Probably 30minutes by car. Let me clarify, 30 minutes is very near for people who grow up here. Back in hometown, it is like..'wah so far!" 

But anyway, yes Sydney is going to have a theme park again after the closure of Wonderland. Not that I have been there before, but I think my bro and sis did.

So hopefully, I am able to go for this one. kthxbai!


It is another weekend again - just as if it was sunday yesterday *boo

Exam is exactly 11days ahead and I am here fooling around. When I mean fooling, it is true. Books in front of me but eyes and attention are surfing the net for anything and everything, just not books. *guilty

I am blogging because I wanna post up photos for your eyes pleasure ;) Actually I thought of something to blog just now but I forget the moment I set my fingers on the keyboard. I will definitely blog it when I remembered.

Anyways, photos ahead ... 

Taken in June. Tt's way too long, during my month first visit. In between Chinatown and Paddy's Market.

 My dinner during the assignment week. Simple and easy, just dump chicken and vege for a meal so that I don't need to cook twice.

Again pasta, save time and healthy as well. See the big tomatoes? Represented I ate some vege. oh no, I think tomato is under the fruit category? Yes? No? I don't know, you tell me. Lazy to google. hahaha!

 A not very good photo to end this post. Just pulling your leg ok.

I did spare some time to mask. But this is the very last piece of my entire skin care stock. mm..I need to refill some now. Don't forget to mask too ya!

30 October 2010

Happy & Sad day

Since imma got alot of time (excuse of not studying) I want to blog about this other day, two weeks ago on a Friday sunny afternoon my friend came over to my place as we decided to get our work done prior to the due date.

When you make plans, that is where your plans are going to fail. We were so enthusiastic and well prepared what we were going to do the day before. But oh well, all things were so wrong at the time. My friend took an hour 45minutes to reach my house because of the traffic and it was near to the peak hour. So that's a bad starting point.

By the time she arrived at my place, guess what happen?! As she was trying to pick up her laptop and books from the passenger door, the wind went crazy and the whole door was shut. Urgh, the worst part was her keys were still inside the car. Which means she can't access to her car anymore and she haven't even got her books yet, just the lappy and balancing the door and herself.

She called me when she was outside my house. And I went out to check how serious it could be. Seriously, it was pretty bad. Under the sun and combination of strong wind, we examined the car and see what we could do (as if like we knew.lol). We can't think of something convincing. And then we googled and see some youtube videos on how to open the car door without a key. There seem quite easy but actually when we tried to do it. All fail.

We use like 2 cloth hangers of mine, spoon, knife and ruler - None of it work. I think the part we didn't grasp well is the law of motion. Remember we learned that in school like hukum daya (Law of motion) discovered but Newton. I don't it somehow lock in my head. Is the force and the distance that made us fail to open the door. We took 4hours trying to open the door and abondent our books.

One of her friend came to rescue after our failure. *sigh*

Look at the car, my heart also break into pieces. The mark of which we tried to open up some room to insert the cloth hanger in.

The value now is depreciated probably by few hundreds than the market price. How painful is that?

I don't know how this happen. Must be the guy that helped her, actually broke the rubber attached to the door.

To commerate our hours of sweating under sun, crazy wind and rain too, we decided to have a good meal. Hence, we wanted to make a big feast (although didn't study at all!!!).

I drove on that day because she really had a bad day and didn't want to do anything. At least she can still smile for the camera.

Big feast for two person.

Nandos, my favy of all time. Whole chicken with large chips and barbeque ribs.

At least we tried to do something to feel better.

Be careful all of you. When you guys really lock your key in the car, google and watch some youtube videos. There are really helpful. Please do not do it for crime!

28 October 2010

Too good to be true

Hee haa!!!O YEAH its me!

As promised, I said I am going to share the freebies I've got during my mid break right? Finally, it's here now because I just hand up my final and the very last assignment for this year :) which also mean, ladylike can have proper sleep at least for these few days before the exam midnight oil again..huhu!

I was so sleepy at 7pm just now but I said, I am gonna make it through the night and I will doze off early but *sigh* I am still here blogging. Because I promise already...so yes that's why I am blogging now to share my happiness with you. Can you feel it? *shy

Too much of crap, the most important thing is to post up pictures for all of you.

Warning : Please do not envy me!! LOL

#1 This is the first goodie I got from the free movie. Please don't watch Charlie St Cloud, it is lame and boring! (at least to me)

Can you see the good stuff or not? Let me list them for you . . .

(L-R) Thins Chips with Schweppes drink (these snacks are awesome!), mentos chewing gum (good, me likey), Carmex Cherry Lipbalm, Batiste dry shampoo, White Glo full size of toothpaste with floss and toothbrush, Sunpouch sunblock spf 30+, valleygirl shinny wallet and yes, two mags from Cleo and Dolly for the month of October! And all these goodies comes from the waterproof purple bag.

You want to see more? Hehe!!

#2 Another great event - make up tutorial in the city

And here are the goodies.

(L-R) Shower gel bag with small towel pocket and sample size bottle of shower gel.  Pandora eye massager with the bottom two stuffs are the eyebrow shaping clipper or something and mascara. Haven't try them out yet and also 2 other mags - Madison and another one is gossip.

Oh well, all of the mags are still unread yet! I've got so  many uni readings to do, where got time. Even the book I had, "The man or Manhattan" - I have to give up for now as too much workload. Urgghh!! really unpredictable huh?

At least...I still get good stuff! :D Ladylike IZ OMAIGAWT happy. I hope you too.

Happy Halloween. Tata!

26 October 2010

Darkness ate me

Seriously. I am very furious and upset at the same time. Why some people have to get in my way and make me angry for the word of jealousy? How would you feel if the same thing happen to you brainless human?

Stop playing being nice in front of someone but saying and acting wicked behind. I don't know how this person could actually live her life - distracting and destroying people's reputation. To make thing worst, even people around me could conform to her and act as if nothing happen like any of the days goes by. How irrelevant is this world? When can the victim realized not to be dumb? 

I hope you read this. Oh no, probably, you don't even understand what am I saying? Common learn your english! 

and well, I believe in Karma! Let's just see!!

P/S : Sorry for such relevant post. Will be back after my final assignment due on Thursday. Promise :) at the mean time please take care. I miss you readers..xx

19 October 2010


Just to keep this blog alive. It has been dead for a few days weeks before. Really got to work hard in blogging and also having lots of fun here.

One of those days to uni, I captured myself before leaving home. An insight of my life as a student after two years!

and me likey =)

The laziness of putting on contact lens.

Spice up a little with additional of blurriness

My stuff are really good bargain which you can't even have thought it is dirt cheap. LOL!

Top to bottom
Winter cap / beanie from Taiwan street : RM 20
Cardigan from USA Rue21 : US 3 (even cheaper than my beanie)
Sleeves white top 2 pieces from KK Hypermarket : RM 20
Jeans from KK Mall : RM 50

On top of that matching flats and bag

Studded bag from Taiwan Street : RM 20
Flats from Taiwan Street : RM 15 (if not mistaken otherwise less than RM 20)

Spring is good for dress up. Probably the most expensive item I am wearing is my spectacles. Can't get any cheap for a good eye sight. Not that I even dare to risk. Eyes are important.

16 October 2010


Whenever I feel sad, I always think about my blog is the place to release it. Oh well. I don't mean to upset you, is just part of my growing. urgh!

I've been sick for the past few days. At the same time, I am was suffering the post-parents-visit blues (I think I am fine by now).

The meal that I've been consuming much these days is:

 Porridge with mince beef cook in a rice cooker.

No choice and people say porridge or congee or what-ever-food-you-name-this-food is meant for sick person. No?

My throat is like burning inside. Like this, one day I woke up and felt "oh, my throat is getting better now, coz it doesn't seem to be as painful as yesterday :)" Then the next morning I woke up again "Shit, this is driving me crazy, it is even worst than before".

How? Why such thing happens? One day I felt like I am recovering and the next day I felt like I am a patient again.

It's really difficult to concentrate in my assignment when I have two distraction. One is the throat and bloody uncomfy body.

Two :

Say hello to Sandi =)

A distracter obviously LOL. But she is too funny.

Not really an emo post right? Hehe. At least I am smiling a bit for now. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

05 October 2010


. . . is killing me! Gotta catch up lots especially my assignments which are going to due in 2 weeks time. And my parents are visiting, therefore lack updates for this few days.

I will feed you with lots of photos when I come back =) See you very soon here!