16 October 2010


Whenever I feel sad, I always think about my blog is the place to release it. Oh well. I don't mean to upset you, is just part of my growing. urgh!

I've been sick for the past few days. At the same time, I am was suffering the post-parents-visit blues (I think I am fine by now).

The meal that I've been consuming much these days is:

 Porridge with mince beef cook in a rice cooker.

No choice and people say porridge or congee or what-ever-food-you-name-this-food is meant for sick person. No?

My throat is like burning inside. Like this, one day I woke up and felt "oh, my throat is getting better now, coz it doesn't seem to be as painful as yesterday :)" Then the next morning I woke up again "Shit, this is driving me crazy, it is even worst than before".

How? Why such thing happens? One day I felt like I am recovering and the next day I felt like I am a patient again.

It's really difficult to concentrate in my assignment when I have two distraction. One is the throat and bloody uncomfy body.

Two :

Say hello to Sandi =)

A distracter obviously LOL. But she is too funny.

Not really an emo post right? Hehe. At least I am smiling a bit for now. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

1 comment :

Sista said...

hello sandi!

i hope your throat recovers soon and i was just like you couple of weeks ago.

let me know when you need me. btw, the porridge looks nice and you make me hungry. :-\

take care!