26 October 2010

Darkness ate me

Seriously. I am very furious and upset at the same time. Why some people have to get in my way and make me angry for the word of jealousy? How would you feel if the same thing happen to you brainless human?

Stop playing being nice in front of someone but saying and acting wicked behind. I don't know how this person could actually live her life - distracting and destroying people's reputation. To make thing worst, even people around me could conform to her and act as if nothing happen like any of the days goes by. How irrelevant is this world? When can the victim realized not to be dumb? 

I hope you read this. Oh no, probably, you don't even understand what am I saying? Common learn your english! 

and well, I believe in Karma! Let's just see!!

P/S : Sorry for such relevant post. Will be back after my final assignment due on Thursday. Promise :) at the mean time please take care. I miss you readers..xx

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Sista said...

i miss you too!