28 October 2010

Too good to be true

Hee haa!!!O YEAH its me!

As promised, I said I am going to share the freebies I've got during my mid break right? Finally, it's here now because I just hand up my final and the very last assignment for this year :) which also mean, ladylike can have proper sleep at least for these few days before the exam midnight oil again..huhu!

I was so sleepy at 7pm just now but I said, I am gonna make it through the night and I will doze off early but *sigh* I am still here blogging. Because I promise already...so yes that's why I am blogging now to share my happiness with you. Can you feel it? *shy

Too much of crap, the most important thing is to post up pictures for all of you.

Warning : Please do not envy me!! LOL

#1 This is the first goodie I got from the free movie. Please don't watch Charlie St Cloud, it is lame and boring! (at least to me)

Can you see the good stuff or not? Let me list them for you . . .

(L-R) Thins Chips with Schweppes drink (these snacks are awesome!), mentos chewing gum (good, me likey), Carmex Cherry Lipbalm, Batiste dry shampoo, White Glo full size of toothpaste with floss and toothbrush, Sunpouch sunblock spf 30+, valleygirl shinny wallet and yes, two mags from Cleo and Dolly for the month of October! And all these goodies comes from the waterproof purple bag.

You want to see more? Hehe!!

#2 Another great event - make up tutorial in the city

And here are the goodies.

(L-R) Shower gel bag with small towel pocket and sample size bottle of shower gel.  Pandora eye massager with the bottom two stuffs are the eyebrow shaping clipper or something and mascara. Haven't try them out yet and also 2 other mags - Madison and another one is gossip.

Oh well, all of the mags are still unread yet! I've got so  many uni readings to do, where got time. Even the book I had, "The man or Manhattan" - I have to give up for now as too much workload. Urgghh!! really unpredictable huh?

At least...I still get good stuff! :D Ladylike IZ OMAIGAWT happy. I hope you too.

Happy Halloween. Tata!

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Sista said...

keep it up! hunt for more freebies! hehe