31 October 2010


It is another weekend again - just as if it was sunday yesterday *boo

Exam is exactly 11days ahead and I am here fooling around. When I mean fooling, it is true. Books in front of me but eyes and attention are surfing the net for anything and everything, just not books. *guilty

I am blogging because I wanna post up photos for your eyes pleasure ;) Actually I thought of something to blog just now but I forget the moment I set my fingers on the keyboard. I will definitely blog it when I remembered.

Anyways, photos ahead ... 

Taken in June. Tt's way too long, during my month first visit. In between Chinatown and Paddy's Market.

 My dinner during the assignment week. Simple and easy, just dump chicken and vege for a meal so that I don't need to cook twice.

Again pasta, save time and healthy as well. See the big tomatoes? Represented I ate some vege. oh no, I think tomato is under the fruit category? Yes? No? I don't know, you tell me. Lazy to google. hahaha!

 A not very good photo to end this post. Just pulling your leg ok.

I did spare some time to mask. But this is the very last piece of my entire skin care stock. mm..I need to refill some now. Don't forget to mask too ya!

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Sista said...

must be fooling around surfing where else offer freebies lor right lol. get back to those books!