31 October 2010

3 post in a day?

Yup, I couldn't even believe it myself. I actually blog thrice in a day! Also to commerate my MIA all the time.

In my previous post, I was saying I wanted to share something but i forget. It just clicked to my mind again.

Read this news. -Link- 

I am so excited with this Wet & Wild in Sydney. I don't know why I am so excited although it is only going to open in like 3years from now. By that time, I would have graduated already. Perhaps, I won't be here, well, who knows what would happen next right?

The place where the theme park is gonna be is very close to where I am staying now. Probably 30minutes by car. Let me clarify, 30 minutes is very near for people who grow up here. Back in hometown, it is like..'wah so far!" 

But anyway, yes Sydney is going to have a theme park again after the closure of Wonderland. Not that I have been there before, but I think my bro and sis did.

So hopefully, I am able to go for this one. kthxbai!

1 comment :

Sista said...

wuahh, record breaking in blogging! after you graduate then try to look for a job there so we can go to the theme park when it is open!

3 years very fast wan leh... in a blink of an eye.