02 November 2010

Sleepy head

Ohai! Good morning everyone..although in 4minutes it's going to be noon here. But anywayz, at least I have courtesy to blog and greet ya good morning, what a good blogger right? *shy

I am so damn sleepy now but I forced myself to wake up 1 hour ago. At this point of time, I am contemplating whether or not to go shopping because it was rainy early this morning and the weather is playing "Big wind blow, blow what?" you know that game we used to play when we were young. "Blow me away!!"

Haven't taken my breaky yet..well, it's going to be lunch now. By the time, I am done to go out, the sun will rise and shine again. Bloody weather...trying to play hide and seek with us.

I think I should go shopping, no more meat & Ladylike will be hungry! Urghh and the weather forecast said it is going to rain again tomorrow. So how?

Blog later. Bye! *Flipping coin to determine shopping - yes or no -  LOL

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Sista said...

shy your head! haha