02 November 2010

I hate HTML

I have been fixing the previous post for 2hours just to get it right. But I really gave up. I couldn't update from the previous post, so here I ended up posting another one.

Is it just me? Or blogspot sucks now?!

This is the update after the shopping.


Ohai again. Imma so good and dedicated now. Just came back from shopping and then blog again. huhu...
Anyway, yes i changed and went out since it was not raining. 2hours of quick and grab shopping, also (*@*) looking for a part time regular job since summer holidays is like 3 weeks away. Now is exam period already! Holla, study mood ON please, I beg you Mr & Mrs Book please invite me into your midst. haha!

First thing first - job hunting fail. I dunno why all the shops I saw was hiring 2 weeks ago but now all the ads no longer sticking at the window already *sigh* I printed like 5 resumes to give out but came back with 5 in hands too *boo

Second thing comes second wtf. I bought some groceries since I will be going out again this week end for a friend's birthday. So don't need to buy alot some more I am walking, my friend got a car, save enegry for now.

My short journey today, ahah as if

Trolley basket with my handbag in it. I know it will be heavy after shopping, so no choice gotta bring along, i seem like an auntie (>.<) eeww / but at least I am cool, boots and snake skin leggings, both from Taiwan.

Grey autumn dress and badge cardigan. Both also (again) from Taiwan. omaigawt,my nose look so big here! actually is small. haha~

Can see the bus or not. Far behind, yellow colour.

Ok, let me draw some indication.


Actually got two buses coming in the same direction. I hopped on the first one that reached my bus stop first. But the last bus in this picture actually arrived the destination faster than the first bus which I hopped on :'(

Show you my where my money gone . . .

@ Foodie / I got mince beef & singles cheese. All on special. 

Some vege with an insight of my foot.

Can see or not reduced price. Aiyah, I only aim this kind one, so that I can save more. It's not rotten what, still good, is just that the expiry date is near but I will be eating that everyday. Not a problem to me. By the time, I already finish lur..

Uncle Tobys is so healthy. He invented such kind of oat bars. Again, on special $1.99. Very good during uni,no breakfast, munched this!

Last but not least, everyone is going to *heart* this.

Free stuff in burst snapshots. Read my expression, no caption inserted.






All these photos are captured with HP in-built webcam, my first time using since I bought this lappy in February!

P/s: Tired of fixing the HTML. Out of space meh out of space. Frustrated already!

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Sista said...

Big W basket! lol

ya can see you look so happy with your free stuff. haha