08 August 2008

8 August 2008

I should update about my Philippines trip... I know I know~~~

But today is 08/08/08 and I wanna mark this date in my blog, in my post to remember I blogged! :D

I am very sure, many weddings are taking place right now, bride and bridegroom waiting for their turns, in the Marriage Registration Department (is that what they called? I can't think the proper one *ouch* Mind you, I'm blogging this between work), in churches, in beaches, in gardens, in any corner of the world they could be wed. ( owhh...I am attending a wedding dinner tonight )

And they are people who throw birthdays today. So nice! (and also a party after the wedding dinner)

Also, they are babies will be borned.

Not forgetting whatever anniversaries that can be celebrate.

The highlights of all - OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY - I saw a furniture advertisement "Olympics Sales" What's that gonna do with furniture? Reason to make a theme sales to attract customers. ai ai ai...*shakes head*

There must be a lot of things people want to mark it today, anything could be, so don't be surprise.

I shall end this boring post. But I promise I'll be back with pictures and juicy post.


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