05 August 2008

*Bang* kiss my "butt"

**Happily kena summon thrice this month! WEDDINGS! August lucky month?**

It is such a long day today. mmmm..............

Morning - I was running up and down in the office to get things done especially when the office fixed line was temporary cut off and also following up with the advertisement.

Noon - Backing up my own desktop and also my manager's one. Those were still fine.

Mum wasn't feeling well. I came home, no dinner, still it was fine because I wasn't hungry. [I find myself doesn't get hungry when I'm busy.] Clothes started to pile up and it's time to wash and un-iron clothes are filling up the lining. Off I went to iron SOME clothes. [I can't get all done, too many, oh dear, yet with some new apparels from Philippines ;) ]

It was then 10pm. Short chat with sis to update some gossips...I mean some urgent information. [No time for gossips, too late] 10pm + went to shower and Maggi for dinner. By now, I should get some sleep but I can't be mean to my readers!! I repeat, I CAN'
T BE MEAN TO MY READERS! I really mean it!!!

*BANG* [very loud sound]

I wanna tell you, it was the first time throughout my driving years, my car...err I mean my mum's car finally met an accident. I had my heart almost dropped out and I was super stunned when the lorry banged my butt heavily, which I still sited not knowing what happened [I thought dunia khiamat man, damn stupid!!!] and my mum was panicking and asked me to open the car's lock.

Took a look at the rearview mirror, darn! Kemek laa the car. Quickly searched for my mobile to call my dad what am I supposed to do. He was out of city at that moment. ishhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

That man whom kiss my car's butt kept asking me to move my car to the side. HELLO! No way..unless you gonna pay for the damage or I call the police. Long negotiation UNDER THE BLAZING SUN and passer by kept looking at me. I was wearing sleeveless and I got my shoulder burnt! Argghhh!! so UNLUCKY!

In the end, he only willing to pay RM 500 excluding the scratches and slightly break brake light. The mechanic came to make an evaluation of the cost repair. I really wanted to make a police report but the mechanic make me fear of doing so because he said I would lose more, telling me he would be paying RM300 summon only and I may need to come out with the repair cost. [By then, my dad is out of reached and the man insisted not to pay the light]

Long story short, rather than having nothing, we accepted the RM 500 and I have to fork out money to repair the damn expensive crystal light for no reason! Shit! It is now in the hospital for 4 days! Without a car doing its' job for 4 consecutive days and when all at home has work, gotta push the time earlier for staying awake [ equals to less sleep :( ]

It is really expensive, just knocking and re-spray the car cost RM 500. It is not a used car, it is exported to Malaysia after it is refurbish. I guess if it's Buatan Malaysia, half the butt has gone skiesss....

I thank God, I am still ALIVE.

My tips when you meet an accident.

1) Jot down car plate number
2) Ask for his name and IC no. [make sure you get his IC]
3) Do not move your car.
4) You need to report police within 24 hours. Any reports make after 24 hours, police will not look into the matter.
5) Settle it right away. Don't wait later or tomorrow. [ It will change into a different story, if you would have heard of other people's cases]

Please do save a mechanic number in your mobile. You might need them.

.experience gained which cost RM 500 of damage.


Mei-Wah said...

luckily that both of u n ur mum are okay! most importantly is that you are okay! :) you handled this situation very well! some bad lorry drivers did not even want to pay a cent you know? :D give a pat to yourself on the back, you've done a great job!

sooclara said...

it was my dad that taught me ;)

mikejc329 said...

Haha... I got an accident last Sunday with my mom too. I tell you, that is the worst case in my life of having such accident. I was kissed by a X years' Wira on my mom's 2 yrs Sentra. It's just because of a Biawak crossing the road. Darn!!! I lodged police report and claim his car insurance. Normally if you hit by someone, is that people fault. And you are able to claim his insurance. That is how police handle such case.

sooclara said...

waa..what a coincident!! now i know what to do next time ;) thanks for sharing