03 August 2008

Comfortable stay

I don't know where I should start...blogging about the hotel, food, traveling experience, the things I bought or what I see??!!

Quite a difficult decision to make...because I wanna pour it all out to you! The photos I took in Vietnam were many more compare to Philippines~~

It is surprising when I saw only 100+ , well when others doesn't even want to stop by a minute for a shot - blame the alluring shops...hehehe..

I didn't bought one anyway....orang miskin bah saya but definitely slightly cheaper

and no cameras allowed in clubs and casino. See...happening places doesn't give me the permission to give you a glimpse. TOO BAD! means you gotta go there, see and experience it yourself ;)

I made up my mind. I'm gonna give credit to New Horizon Hotel, yeah I'm going to blog about it!It is a 3 stars hotel which you doesn't expect much. But the point is, 3 stars
yang begitu satisfying!!!!

Spacious lobby

checking in - so bersemangat

This hotel gets my recommendation. All the basic necessaries are in your room and it's totally comfortable and reasonable for budgeted stay yet it's big which you only sleep in and the whole day getting around the city. (I bought it in airasia.com, package - return tickets and hotel)

They do provides toothbrush, soaps, shower cap and nonetheless you can request for hair dryer - that's important for me. Extra blanket in the build-in cupboard. No slippers in the room but available upon request.

There's this electrical kettle in the room, so no worries. Hot water for coffee or your own instant noodle is on the go ;)

My room

Oh ya, one thing, the floor is not carpeted which I don't really feel good. It gets cold when you're bare foot.

I miss snapping the toilet *sigh* okok...but there's bath tub. Big enough to move around and play
kung-fu(I find chinese likes to say that when one took a long time to shower).

Small area on level 3 while waiting for the lift

Our stays included free breakfast for two. The food were just fine. Nothing to shout about. Very normal. No missing of ham, cereal and omelette in the menu every morning.

This hotel is located in Mandaluyong city, sort of like in the center. You travel East and West to other shopping malls. Around 3 minutes walk to MRT, cross a bridge, you reach Robinsons. Some food stalls on the street selling
roasted pork (popular dish) and everyone's favy - Mc'Donalds (but no pork) and Jolibee.

Taxi are easy to get as the hotel will arrange for you. FOC and ask is there any extra charges from the taxi outside because taxis in the hotel impart extra charges. So advice able to call an outside taxi with the help of the receptionist and be smart, a meter taxi please. The cost of traveling its' cheap, don't worry.

Hopefully its' informative enough for you to plan yours! :) The currency exchange was
RM 1 = 13.8 peso

.more to come.stay tuned.

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Mei-Wah said...

hey hey hey, you went to philiphines! :) how was it? sounds fun to me~ hehhee, there's shopping mall, so it should be fun! yay~