14 December 2009

Gifts from 4 places

Bonjour!! I know it has been 2 weeks I didn't update my blog! I am so sorry!!! (@.@) Don't throw me eggs and banana skin yet, I know I owe all of you a lot of posts for being MIA for long and ONITA has been abandoned, I sincerely apologize *cross my heart

But don't be upset and despair because I will reward you with more and more juicy posts in the upcoming days. Hehe... *keep my fingers cross

For your information, the thing that got me drifted away for the past 2 weeks were my exams. Yes, I finally took it on last Saturday after prolonging it since like middle of this year until now and got panicked over it because everything is rushing now and I MUST PASS THE EXAM. oopss.. not pass, MUST SCORE in order for me to proceed with the other procedures! :S

So, it is very important for me to SCORE because if I don't, I need to fork few more thousands for a few weeks of learning classes OR pay another few hundreds to sit for the exam again and got delayed for the procedures. Okay, I know you are confuse and what the heck I am trying to say/explain. I will let you know when my results is out and in detail ok. Make sure you stay tune. (for more juicy posts, as promised :> )

On my previous post, I promised to show you my gifts right? I am keeping my promise very serious since then. Today, I finally took the time to snap pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

1. Taiwan

I start with Taiwan first because I got it first.

My adidas baby tee from my brother. No price tag! But it is original. Haha! My brother is not a cheap skate to me, at least. Not worn yet.

Oh ya, the pineapple tarts!!! I don't a picture of that because all its in our tummy already and been processed. HAHA!! Because its like 2 weeks already and its supper yummy, can't wait, must gulp asap! LOL! Okok, don't worry, I will take pictures in January to replace my carelessness this time.

2. Hong Kong

Later the next day, my parents got back and bring these.

Leggings, good material but duno comfy or not coz haven't try yet. Mask for HKD 20 and Oil blotters for HKD 5. These are cheap!!

They have this store called Bonjour (same with my opening of this post wtf)and the concept is exactly the same like Guardian & Watson. (according to my mother & sister) Haven't try them yet. No time!

3. Europe, in specific Paris

My ex-coursemate that continued their degree after our diploma together, went to France around middle of this year as their study trip. If you know about Taylor's College Tourism Management programme, you will know every degree student will get to step their foot at France.

Princess pumpkin aka Trisha ; the only friend that I keep in touch much after diploma I guess, bought me souvenir, postcards from Paris.

4. Kuala Lumpur

The postcards were bought back to KK from KL by one of my friend, Natalia acts as the middle person. She always work for Clinique, so I demanded for samples but she forgot lorr...!! But she got me these 3 samples only, cleanser for Oily Face.
Haven't use also!

Haiyahhh...everything also haven't use. Only EAT pineapple tarts been done so far and those little bitsy goodies from HK. WTH!

I got so dizzy now because I slept like 5am just now. After taken the exams, I couldn't sleep and not sleeping well, too scared, too fear of not Scoring Not passing. What kind of feeling is that?!

Next update : The pretty feet story to be continued.


Sista said...

Hey, relax la, don't worry so much about the result k! Eh, what about the noodles from HK? Didn't even mention at all; makan, process and totally forgot about it sudah wtf.

sooclara said...

Sista : didn't take pictures also..coz eat liaoo hahahaha!! :)

pumpkin said...

wow my postcard to u oso can show off hahhaa...just few postcard for u...sorry ya..memalukan mcm..haha..
wow u put the sutera harbour post like tat..later ppl see u talk bad bout them..not good lo..blog public area juga ni

sooclara said...

pumpkin : thanks again! freedom of speech...!!