28 December 2009

Best purchases of 2009

It is coming to the end of the year so I thought I want to share some of my best purchases of 2009. Not much items; about 8 only because I just can't buy much in KK.


One of the AMAZING buy is Coach handbag & purse.1:because of the price for the brand 2: because of the quality; handbag = full leather and purse = canvas. Both at affordable price.


Hair bands that cost RM1.50 each!!! It was on SALES and my hair is longer now that I could tie up, so bought two of them. Super great deal! The original price was like RM5.90. Hehehe!!


Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick, 301 Crystal Baby by Estee Lauder. My lips are quite dry sometimes and this one is moisturizing and at the same time the colour; nude brownish suits me much. Price : RM 79.90 (forget but some where around that figure)


Aqua Defense works like Serum. Apply it after toner. (The sales girl told me) It gives water to my face. Not oily. Love the smell too! =) Price : RM 17.90.


My spectacles. Two inch by Jordan Chan at RM 230. One day, I took my spec off and placed in on the bed just to close my eyes for a second. Suddenly, my mobile rang and I shoved to get my mobile and my spec really went out of shape. I thought it couldn't be fix anymore because it was totally useless. Some how I bought to the shop and guess what? FIXED! Thank God. =)


I don't know what is the make up remover's brand. But only available in Watson at RM33.91 during sales. Very good, water base and remove make up easily without a hitch.


My hair is oily. I can't leave it a day without washing it. So try out Tea Tree Shampoo from Giant at RM5.90 500ml. Wash away all the oily of the hair. But make sure to use a conditioner at the tips of the hair for a better result as it is very dry and you might encounter difficulty in combing.


Wet Tissues at RM 4.50 for 2 packs. This is a good one so far I had used. If you didn't use wet tissue previously, try and get one especially during traveling. Convenient and at the same time serve many purposes. Like wipe your fingers after having chicken wing and lekor.

What about yours? I am sure many would have a long list!

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