22 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Sistaa

Owh..and so among our siblings, our birthdays had past.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Brenda!!!!!! (Belated)

Just had a petite dinner in a silent cafe - Ma Baker's cafe, thought of coming here to try their cakes for some time but not until today, with a necessary reason to do so. If you haven't heard of it, it is located in the same area where Merdeka Supermarket is.

*Note : Merdeka Supermarket in Lido. NOT WISMA MERDEKA SHOPPING MALL.

Like many of us, we thought the cafe owner's surname is Ma - Mr & Mrs. Ma. Very orang KK lah..everyone of us!! The owner told us, Ma is mother, common sense anyway. In the States, if the owner is woman, its called "Ma Baker's" if man its "Pa Baker's". Hence, she adopted Ma Baker's Cafe.

The menu's are more on Western dishes like burgers, steaks, sandwiches, salads and etc, there are also rice, curry chicken. A good choice for quiet and cosy feel, certainly not luxurious, just a cooling environment for casual dining. The lightning is variant shades of yellowish colour, dim.

saw the humongous tea cup up there. so cute! imagine if you drink coffee with it

Chicken Chop, just a fairly fried, not as in deep fried to be crunchy, the chicken is smoother and goes well with this mushroom sauce.

Macaroni Beef Balognese, the macaroni is cooked in the exact temperature and timing because the macaroni is comfortable to munch, not hard neither too soft.

Lamb Chop, it tasted fine, just nice. You should give it a try.

and Fish and Chips. I didn't like the fish. It is deeply fried, but I couldn't taste the fish sweetness though. Not a selection for you.

The chips are damn crunchy. I heart them...and small portion of salad that comes together with the steak is satisfying. Rather different one than the everytime coleslaw, raw carrot slices with raisins.

yada yada~~

Desserts, I love!!! Sweet because I'm sweet..hahaha =p

Mango cheese. Mango lovers out there, this is YOURS!!!! Sponge, with mango and cheese squeeze in between. Real mango...with some mango fruits drizzle around the cake.

Blueberry Cheese Pie. Pie??!!! It is actually cake, not pie as in those beef pie or chicken pie. It is named pie because the cheese is coded with dough. Insertion of blueberry on top together-gether with fresh cream. You have to love it, seriouzz!

Black Forest, this wasn't good enough. The taste isn't as strong as the other two above.

Some others I have yet to try....

Peach Crumble Cheese. It looks good though...with cheese on top.

These are pies...vegetarian, chicken or beef. You've selections.

Took a picture of them when the Ma was preparing in the kitchen overlooking the counter with transparent glass.

Butter Banana with icing shapes in flowers.

They close very early every night because it is Ma hobby business, in other words, not a hardcore food business to earn lots lots...just for a pass time activity. All the cakes are baked by Ma herself.

Air condition and nice interior, think it would be expensive? Well, not really, if you compare with its' neighbour, kopitiam, more or less, but here with extra facility - air conditioner, hygiene ... wait wait............. how can I not state - DESSERTS!!

.stop dripping your saliva!!.


Brenda said...

ohhh.. kay, i did not wear make-up and wasn't dress up beautifully for my birthday dinner... in actual, i look prettier sideways! without my specs lar of koz!

Alvin Lim said...

the food look very healthy :P

sooclara said...

brenda : someone is doing marketing at my blog..hmm hmm

alvin lim : wahh..being sarcastic? or is it true? hehehe...