18 May 2008

You're beatiful, it's true.

Remember in "The Forbidden Kingdom" post, I mentioned I actually did something but ended up watching movie. So yeah, this was what I did.

If you're a weak heart person, then don't scroll down ok. It might give you a heart attack. *roarss* No lahh...not heart attack so serious, but maybe you will puik. huhu

la la la la .....

la la la la ....

la la la la....

What do you think?? He say this is my best shots of all!! OMGoshh...cannot believe I looked like this.

Okay Okay, one more people....just one more. I promised...~~

This one even yuck...hair so oily. smile also don't know like how...apa macam oo? Really doesn't look like me!!! Tired eyes..

I'm beautiful okay,stronger word, gorgeous, ahaha! Not till that extend. Beautiful. you have to see my real face! I'm much much better looking in real person than in photos. Those photos are not doing any justice on me!!! :((

It's not the photographer lousy, is just me..being not photogenic~~ yerr...

p.s : even i doesn't look good, I still show, so whatever I have I shared with you guys...good enough hor? nehh..my motto : sharing is caring hehehehe

Perempuan-perempuan sekalian especially to the camwhores,

If you wanna get shoots for yourself, whether you're a poser or not, beautiful or not, girly or not, sexy or not (I think he preferred sexy ones..haha) , as long as you like being capture then contact walterjohn.net. Inform him that, you are introduced by me...he will give discount.haha! By the way, still single!

.Happy shooting girlsss!!.


cAth said...

your 1st pic looked so vain!!lol

sooclara said...

cath : ya bah...super vain!!!! nget sai o!