17 May 2008

A father yet a monster!

Can you imagine that? A man that is supposed to shape their children towards future but turn into monster because of temptation to fulfill his sexual desire!!

Read this or a shorter version if you didn't know about the news.

I just don't believe it actually happened in this world, no drama. And I agreed so much with Xiaxue's on the judgement that should be taken into consideration.

DailyExpress papers dated on 14th May revealed his explanation why he did that on his daughter. I couldn't get the news online to paste the link for you.

I hated so much on how he said

"I raped her while thinking of my lonely childhood...wanted them to always have someone to play with"

What kind of excuse is that? uugghhh! Sort of like "I love you but yet I'm seeing another person". And that 3 letter words doesn't worth a penny! It's the same meaning I'm trying to portray in Josef Fritzl lame explanation. That's not the focus of the question or the core one.

The most concern issue ... on what does he mean "to always have someone to play with" . Is that "how" he played with the children? which he believed would bring happiness to her childhood? The kids out there, jumping and running around in their wonderland which we confine as playground might have bored them to death then.

Freaking 24 yearssss without sunlight!!! My fingers and toes doesn't enough to sum it all. How did he manage to keep it secret for so long? He claimed that it was his "empire", so no one could ever found out.

How far does the Law take us? Is anyone getting full justice for Elisabeth? Situation like this tends to show us that Law is only used to control the crimes, not to put a full stop into the worst case scenario. It is always GREY, it is never a white as white as snow, neither a black. We've gotta be real, it is pellucid way of the world. Even if you can't take it or believe it, it happened... happened.

.really SICK.SICK!!.


Mei Wah said...

this is the most heart-breaking story when i first heard about it on the news! i wonder whether he has a heart nor a brain? i can't call him an animal, because animals loved their children too! HE'S A DAMN BEAST!!!

i got the goosebumps when i read the story of Elisabeth and how she managed to stay under the dungeon for 24 years! i am 24 years old and i have a great life. however, she stayed in the dungeon, got raped by her beast dad, and gave birth to 7 children! i sympathize her...

that beast even stated "I am not the beast the media make me to be". read more at wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Fritzl).

15 years of prison were JUST TOO LITTLE!!!

Alvin Lim said...

just 15 years...they should give him at least 50 years and rotan!

imagine after 15 years, wat kind of trauma will the daughter face when her father is out from prison. :|

the gov shld also ensure the daughter goes thru proper lessons...as in those motivational courses.

sooclara said...

mei wah : beh tahan laa..this kind of law! beast beast...shoo shoo..

alvin lim : yeah u are very right, should go through proper and professional counseling in order to heal. *sigh*