16 May 2008

Tam Nak Thai Restaurant

Svadikap! Kap kap kap....

In Thai language, there's alot of kaps
. If you did notice.

For many many years, I didn't eat in this restaurant. Thus, Mother's Day dinner ended up in Tam Nak Thai, Api-api Centre. It was raining cats and dogs, strong wind so I didn't get to take a picture of the restaurant's front porch.

But more or less, it looks like this

When I flipped open the menu, all the Caps words are all in Thai! How to order?

They are not stupid also laaa... below every caps, there is description of the dish.

Here are the dishes that we had.

Popia tnt - that's in Thai, I don't know how to pronounce. Like any other spring rolls, but it comes with a kind of sauce with the combination of sweet and sour. Not spicy at all. Spring roll lovers, this is a must-not-miss choice.

For any reasons, how can you miss the Thai specialty right? Of course the Tom Yam soup...hot hot make the soup hot and spicyyy...haha!!

I don't know how this tom yam is transparent one. We asked the waiter, he told us, if you want it to be red, you have to add on money. -_-''' What is that suppose to mean? Tom yam should be red right? So you want tom yam, you need to add money so that it can become tom yam soup? I also don't understand actually.

Goong Ohb Nhei - It's butter prawn cooked in Thai style. Cannot really tell by taste anyway. Sort of chinese cooking and the prawns are small one as you can see. Well, I preferable butter prawn in seafood restaurant.

Gai Pahd Kieng - Pan Fried chicken with young ginger, onion, and black fungus.

But I don't see any black fungus neither taste any.

Last but not least, their zhao pai dish is mango fish. Deep fried and then put mango slice on top.

There isn't any changes in the food menu but indeed the brand new management with a better system and service. If anyone of you that like this restaurant an exception for me maybe it was Mother's Day, the restaurant was full, the food might not turned out to be fabulous on my share.

I would just say a So-So cuisine, my point of view. The chef is originated from Thailand. And I doubt the owner's child of the restaurant read my blog too. (>.<)

Don't really see any proper real Thai restaurant in KK huh?

.this is so-so-licious, i don't mean so so delicious. don't get me wrong.


Mei Wah said...

Thai food in Api-api centre? Hmm... I rarely go there. But there's a Korean Restaurant there, have you tried it before?

But, tom yam soup which is not RED? This is the first time that I heard about it. Then, is it spicy enough?

Hmm, clara... I think you are not so happy with the food there... Nevermind, continue with your hunt for glorious food! (^_____^)

sooclara said...

mei wah : hehe! hunt more food then tell u right? when u come, we pergi makan sama-sama kan? so clever o u!

Mei Wah said...

clever? no-lar... hunting for good food is the happiest thing that we can do... food, glorious food! *slurrppp*

jacques said...

there're two types of tom yam lar...
one is red another is white...
if you go to kelantan, you can see the white one...southern thailand also white de...

Johnny Ong said...

there's one tamnakthai near my hse too

sooclara said...

jacques : white one is malay tom yam dee..thailand tom yam is red.

remember we makan in Sawadee in Summit? I reckon that one is better.

johnny ong : don't think its under the same management =) coincident, same name..