19 May 2008

It is different now

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As years goes by and we grow older, we changed. Of course, we anticipate when anything change, it changes better.

I'm going to tell you a story of a girl that lives in the same street as me, goes to the same kindergarden, primary, secondary and even college! Don't believe!!, well it's true. You might think, she is my bestie then.

No, she is so so not. Further more, we worship together in the same church, same service. See, we meet almost everywhere, even when I'm away from home, I still bum into her.

All above is coincidence? Well, I take it as coincidence because since we lived few houses down and worshiped in the same church, we were bound to enter same schools because we went to schools that belongs to Anglican and due to the distances between our residential area and schools.

Before we had this state of being divergent, huge difference in characteristics and maturity. We were completely different in every other thing, you just name it, exclude the earlier part I mentioned. We don't even sit down, chit chat and drink coconut.

If we did, it must be awkward at that time. (Can imagine, we were not friends right) We don't hate as in I HATE HER or SHE HATES ME, is just that, we don't favor each other.

And why the same college? Hey, we took different course but yet related - Hospitality and Tourism. And different intakes. So at least, there's some dissimilarity. We ended up in the same college because Taylor's is the one and only best schools for our fields, so we didn't have choice either.

Hence, I met her in Taylor's when she came, being her senior. So, yeah both Sabahans. When you're away from home, things changed, you learn to stand on your own feet, there's where she starts to grow mature I supposed.

She tends to sense and know how important is E.D.U.C.A.T.I.O.N. How working can be miserable (during internships) and for most, how life can be so sucks when the environment is so yucky, stinky and noisy (4.30am gerai disco) at our flats!!!

Many many other small things shape her today. She is now even more brave. (much more daring than me, last time already daring, now even more!!! hey girl, you know what I mean right?) And so, she met her boyfriend in Taylor's. oowhh..*so nice*

Finally today, we're able to sit down, have meals together, and talk about everything that comes in our mind
and also double date.

This is our first picture taken together in our lives I could say, if you minus out those dancing photos that we'd in Kindergarden (force to be taken).

p.s : ah moi, do well in your finals ok. Our street is very quiet because you tiada!!
(her voice is like loud speaker by the way.few classrooms away, can hear her voice, how annoying she had been at that time!! hahaha)

.her name is Natalia, forget to mention.


~Natalia~ said...

Hey..It's a surprised that you posted out our stories in your blog.Yea honestly its weird that we lives in SAME street,study in SAME kindergarden,primary,secondary and college.Not to mention we attend the SAME church as well but yea good sentence of words to described we don't really favor each other..stillemembered once in kindergarden school i ate yr candy that u gave me but eventually after that we quarrelled bcuz of some games activities in class and both of us dislike each other after that you scolded me and forced me to puke out the one and only candy to you then i replied u "I ate already in stomach how to puke out?" and you said "I don't care I want you to puke out now!!"that time i was so stress on thinking how to cool you down..hahaha...but i thanked GOD for letting me meeting the good and bad ppl in my life all these while..It makes me think and cherish who are the ones which i should really attend with by not with the simply ones such as like you and my another besties Hwee Wen..Both with good grades and kind hearted person.Good friends does not need a big group or many,one or two will do..These 2 person are the people whom i really trust and shares my stories life with..Well yea hey about the BRAVE thingy didn't wanted to but GOd gave me the braveness and i think we should stand up for ourselves when we are out there with selfless help.
Anyway,i think we become so close where by since young not that close is because of GOD's gracious deeds that we support each other since we came all the way out from hometown for further studies.Last but not least,I hope whatever it is our bond of friendship will last till my body turns to dust and our soul last still..I don't hope the bond turn out to be like some other people's friendship which is a faking ones.I believe that whether is a miscommunication or dislike act in future we'll overcome and talk to each other about it. J'adore mon petit amie souer!!

sooclara said...

wah..its a really long comment!

ehh..u always mention that candy thing, i really can't remember man.. :S macam saja i was orang jahat before...muahah!!

anyway, in the end also we did made up with each other. so its past and parcels of our growing.hehe! =)

God will be with us, so dont worry!
Good day! eh i understand that okay p.s : I adore my friend/sister hehe!! ok, its getting rusty though..

Mei-Wah said...

oh my... that is one long long comment by natalia!

your story reminds me of one time when i was in Form 1 and i was so close with this girl (Abby) and we went goo-goo-gaa-gaa over... BOYZONE! yes, the boyband boyzone... i was crazy over ronan keating while abby went crazy over stephen gately. and then, during class (end of the year, no classes, lotsa free time), we scribbled names of ronan n stephen on the blackboard and abby rubbed off ronan's name! that time i dunno what the heck went on my mind and i got SO angry that we didn't talk for 7 years until NOW...

when we think back of the stupid things we have done, we laughed so hard now... i still love her now...

sooclara said...

mei wah : silly things always happen in younger days, thats a reason for us to look back and laugh our own "foolness"..

ohh..you were amateur of boyzone..i was Backstreet Boys before, Howie-D!! haha :)

usws said...

Uhhh, you were from Taylor's School of Hospitality and Tourism? Hmm, i wonder if my sis knows you.

Anyhow, it's cool that you finally became friends. It's good to have friends for one especially those you can relate to when you're so far away from home.

Glad both of you worked things out, do keep in touch with one another!


p.s. Darn, i need to cari more friends too.

sooclara said...

yeap...its because of the ego-ness is put below when you're far away from home. so its easier to get things started. =)

yeah you should. when you're away from home, you need friends to depend and help you. All the best then!

ah tuck said...

Growing up?..yeah

Johnny Ong said...

got a childhood friend like yrs too but it started since secondary school till now

sooclara said...

ah tuck : finally, you're making your way here. =) so u growing any taller..?hehe

johnny ong : yay! that's greattt!!