29 May 2008

Identity as a Sabahan & Here In My Home

There are actually ways to spot a Sabahan. It's quite funny when I wanted to write a post about this and I came up with a list of points.

Don't drink while you're reading, probably you get yourself "chok" and splash your monitor and keyboard.

1. You find yourself speaking "Boleh bah kalau kau"...

2. Felt ashamed as a Sabahan because you never climb Mount Kinabalu before. (Okay, that's MEEEE!!!!!!!!)

3. You doubt someone's IC; fake or real.

4. Election is just around the corner, you're looking forward to the candidates to pay a visit in your place to give you some allowance.

5. You don't vote for who is who or you don't even know who to vote, but you vote whom is kind enough to give you money.

6. Your maid ran away with her lover, taking your jewelery and money along.

7. When you have an appointment, you start your journey 15 minutes before time.

8. Driving aimlessly; without destination in mind or deciding where to go.

9. You don't care what colours of that person, as long as their friendly, everyone is friend, you laugh, you joke, you sing and you drink Tapai.

10. Anywhere you go, you just slip your shorts and thongs will do, even if you're going down town. Some even with their house-wear and children with their Pajamas.

11. When the clock strike 5pm, you quickly punch out and left. Within minutes you reached home sweet home.

12. When you reach your destination, you park your car very near to the entrance door.

13. Your work starts at 8am but you wake up at 7.30am.

14. You always have a particular place to put the candles and lighters, and you always know how to get them even in the dark. (too much practices due to frequent power cut)

15. You are always looking at cheap things, anything you want is cheap, cheap, cheap. You don't even care about the services.

16. You walk away and complain to people that you know but you don't write a letter to complain properly.

17. You preferred to own at least a 4-wheel-drive car than a luxury car.

18. If you knew someone in the group, you almost knew everyone of them.(but KK is not small though; that's why I mentioned group)

19. You always speak with the Sabahan slang, ending the sentence with "lah", "bah", "kan".

20. When you're driving out of city, you don't get to see clear signboards indicating where to where.

21. A Sabahan in reality show, you don't care who is him/her, you just vote because he/she is a Sabahan.

22. When a girl wear a little bit more sexy revealing a little more skin, everyone stares at her and wonder where is she going.

23. You don't use the street name like "Jalan Damai", you use landmark like Post Office, the market...

24. All the while, you see that man in the picture, you honored him, you believed him, but he took all your money worth of RM 28 million to gamble away in a London casino. (And the case is no more to be heard)

Now how true are all that??!!! Can you relate yourself with some of them, if you do, you're a Sabahan. You gotta admit that!!! Jangan Malu-Malu sebab saya pun SABAHAN bahhh geng!!!!!!!


If you haven't hear about the Here in My Home project, the video is now finally released.

A video showcasing the different races and personalities of Malaysians to remind us not to be racists. All of them that were involved in this video either directly or indirectly doesn't get paid; they did it whole-heartedly for the love for Malaysia.

.Dia ni Orang Cina tapi Malaysian kot?.


Johnny Ong said...

the sabah political situation is really a shame (not for sabahans) but those who are involved in it.

they betrayed their own land by allowing those illegal foreigners to stay just for their selfish interest in being elected into the state or federall govt

now security is the biggest issue after all these years of closing both ears and eyes to the illegal foreigners

cath said...

oi auntie...masih makan sayap?pukul 330am d lo moi.cepat balik rumah!.lol

sooclara said...

johnny ong : yes you are very right! now they have problems clearing them and our own nations is suffering from their activities.

cath : OMG! aku makan sayap ayam wanna tell the whole world kah??!! LOL sedap tu...jangan ko~~

Mei-Wah said...

betul bah tu, apa yang kau cakap tu! hahaha... all sabahan will add "bah" more than "lah" in the end of their sentences lor... (^______^) i love chatting with sabahans! cos i need to change the slang, which its quite interesting!!!