02 June 2008

English Awkward

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I've been procrastinating to post recently, yeah because it was Sabah's Holiday - Pesta Kaamatan. And I discovered my blog serves more in providing information, laughter the best medicine, reviews and food for thought more than my own babbling which I know you wouldn't want to know though. In that way, perhaps it is either I blog the points or I just leave it without updating...

Anyway Anyway, I'm gonna exercise your brain a bit today albeit is Monday Blues.

The term forgive and forget. Does it applicable? Or forget and forgive sounds much easier to put into practice? You might find it no difference. But let me explain a bit.

Forgive and Forget

You forgive first then you forget. Can you forgive when there's someone that really hurt and you can just easily forgo your emotions? And that you still remember what really happened?

that's for forgive and forget, what about forget and forgive?

You forget how the matter started, so barely you can't remember well, why did the issue was brought up at the first place and then you find there's no point about it. Finally you forgive? Either there's this someone that hurt you, but sooner or later you forget the little little part of the hurt and leads you to bit by bit in forgiving?

Which one do you find it more relevant to really forgive? You cannot don't forgive a person because I'm sure one day you will forget about it when there are other more concerning issue to be taken care off.

I stand on forget and forgive, but... in English context forgive and forget only exist. See, something for you to ponder right?

Okay another one. I'm not gonna damaged you brain~~ Got this in my inbox.

How funny that could be?

Nahh...photo lahh, since some of you come here for photos only. =) yee haa!!!!

I like the cradle...Beca, wish I could sit on it, not the spices!!

.whistling away~~.


Mei-Wah said...

i'm here to give you cuddle... *wink*

we, humans, will either forget OR forgive. hmm, it's hard to forget and forgive OR forgive and forget...

as for me, i will forgive but hard to forget. unless it's a small matter, i can forget easily, but if it's a major matter, i will never ever never forget it... yet i can forgive.

sooclara said...

don't let those to interfere your life, which is now interfering mine! WTFish...hahaha