05 June 2008

Hidden riverside restaurant

Me : Eh, boss had your lunch already?

Boss : Yup, I ate two breads only. No money to eat!

Me : Wahh, boss why you talk like that? You eat bread; no money, I meh eat grass!!!!


Friend : Ui, I'm reading your blog ohh..so banyak tempat makan-makan o.

Me : Yupp, my family go out and eat once a week. But now 2.70 sudah how to eat? Really eat grass lah this time!!!

This is an outdated post, but I don't care because it's about food anyway, how outdated could it be, when you need it everyday to fill your stomach, your satisfaction, your largest hierarchy desire....owhh owhh, I'm going too far!!!

A restaurant located in a hidden place, I find difficulties in describing, SERIOUSLY!! I'm going to try my best, so when you get lost in between, don't freak out!!

At the Lintas and KKIA link road, you will come to a very dark junction, notice on the Monsopiad Cultural Village signboard. When you see it, turn into that junction (the road direction to KKIA) , it's about 500 meters behind the KKIA traffic light. There wasn't any street light, but don't be afraid, as you drive a little more further you'll see a very bright restaurant, Garderia Restaurant; if only I've not mistaken but it is more known as restaurant by the river side to me because of it's nature location. :)

Let me show you some alive animals before they were turn into edible one for common humans like me and you, or maybe not! Because you love "exotic" food. yee haa..

Well well...nothing to shout about because it is just normal bahh...frog only lorr...

But we didn't order it as there were kids eating together and they won't know how to eat though, even me; I DON'T KNOW!

Here you go the dishes of the day...

Deep fried to-fu sweet and sour sauce; I forget the name laahh...but the kids love this. Good one! I can't deny the softness once you bite it~~ and the sauce to mix well with your rice. Gahh..I'm hunrgy! 1.57 am now ....(forget about it)

Kangkung Belacan. You just don't know how fresh it was. DIVINE!!! The cook for sure got supernatural skills in frying it to the right timing. Really create the i-want-more feel.

ahh...this one my favvvvv!!!!!!!! Now you tell me how can it be no good? This type of butter prawn is different because as you can see the yellowish; butter covered the sight of the prawns. Fingers licking good!!

Chicken with light soya sauce. Not bad after all ... I still preferred the butter prawn.

The good one always have to be the last.

Butter crab. Geng lah this one...First time, crab cooked butter~~ I always eat the different type of crab cooking but not this one.

This place is hot but if you're boring of the fine dining in Ocean Seafood or Portview, this could be an alternative for home-feel dining come in reasonable prices. This place is hot, put on your short pants and singlet will do.

And I saw someone celebrated birthday on the other table; the food couldn't be bad right??

.Butter PRAWN!!!.

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Philip Pang said...

ish! Looks so nice can!? It's almost 1 a.m now and I'm hungry already.

My fren told me Sabah has really good seafood. I guess he's right.