28 May 2008

Work that Less People would do

Almost 100% to feel good again. Just need a little little bit more time!! Because I don't have bird nest or ginseng to cure me..hehe!! I only got ice to keep my fever down and salt water to gaggle my throat. I'm poor!! kakakaka...~~

Not many people are willing to work for free. We all know money is important but anyway people like me that needed money so so so much right now, offered to do work for FREE!!!

There are still some people willing too >.< iks iks..

So, on last Saturday, I was in KK Wetlands doing voluntary work. OMG, Clara pencinta alam kind of person kahh?? Well well, don't be so shocked, I'm doing this for my future generation including YOURS too!!! :))

We went there, so excited, don't know for what REASON~~ We're just so excited about being a responsible creature in the Earth.

It is AS IF like we were going to get our FREE BIG MAC!!

This is what I did...

sweeping the dried leaves on the board...(have no idea why is it called board, but it is more a bridge to me)

The board is 1.3 km... for sure pandai curi tulang sikit half way, for rest..and also camwhore. aik aik ...

Jatuh my market value!!!!! *aduuhh* don't judge us by the pic lahh..pleaseee

The help of self-timer ;) 1 picture only k, I'm not that siao to keep camwhore in sort of jungle with all the payau bakau besides me.

Possibly, I'd capture something else behind me...hahahaha

With all these payau bakau roots, that you can't even identified which roots belongs to which tree. Can you????

There wasn't me alone doing it, they were other people giving out their helping hands on Saturday too.

That's not about sweeping only, if you opt for more challenging one, you can tuck on your boots, go into the mud and pick rubbish...*sounds interesting* ;) I bet I'm gonna do that someday, just wait and see!! Hehe...

(yea i hear you say I sound stupid..but but it will be fun, don't you think so?? Imagine you're doing that with the guy of your dream...muahahah!! pretend to fall, then he catch you..owhhh so sweet *slap face*...I'm awake, just carried away~~~results of watching too many DRAMA..so I'M THE DRAMA QUEEN!!!yoooo)

Or you can either plant trees...I remembered I did when I was in Form 5 but I couldn't remember already. I did at the same place too but that was during the name, Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary. I even have photos but couldn't find now.

I'm not here to educate you about saving the Greens which we're actually aware off..maybe we leave that for another day, another post ok? You might had learned during the younger days when your teacher asked you to draw trees.

But what I wanted to convey is...anyone of you interested to join in voluntary work for the sake of saving our mother nature??

yada yada... you could always email to me at anytime, anywhere to [clarasoo@gmail.com] with your name, contact number, indicate whether you're a beauty or a beast, and your age as well okay!!

The more the MERRIER!! You can always bring your friends along if you're fear of coming alone. :DD



cath said...

ui....y u put my eat big mac look o.so ugly la..delete!delete!!!

cath said...

and de "legs" pic as well..so skinny.ugly la...lol.
BTW,i did de big mac chant alr.and got 1 ang moh video cam me somemore!sweat...hope she wont post it up to youtube....

sooclara said...

cute mahh!!! :)) you better check out youtube often, in case some one like me, see your "toh" face gonna post it here..LOL!! my chant!! my chant!! Fine..at least someone ate my BIG MAC! if not "kapunan" nanti..hahah