14 May 2008

Shikai Restaurant

**What did you give to your mother? On prepaid, I'd the cheesecake for her. On postpaid, hhmm...I'll tell you some dayyyy..hehe**

**Pictures in this entry are taken with my mobile phone...sorry for the blurriness, it is all because of my forgetfulness cells is much stronger than the remember cells. =.= but still can see lah...**

The name of this restaurant so not nice ... of all names ... they came across Shikai ... sounds more of shit kai (chicken shit) to me. It doesn't goes smooth to pronounce and please to hear it in chinese like "shi" and then "kai" - I just don't know how to say.

Anyway, I'm here for Mother's Day breakfast...not about the whatsoever name. JANJI SEDAPPP!!! Newly open in StarCity shopping mall serving... look at this and you will know.

Very ZEN~~

Fully furnished with typical ancient style, put aside the brand new furnitures. You don't get to see this in any Chinese restaurant here. Do you?

Wooden chairs that doesn't support your backbone...sakitnya

What's good?

Siau mai & ha kau very soft and smooth

Dim sum I would give a credit. Over here, expect you'll get to see waiter/waitress pushing out the steamer with all the dim sum stacking up high, No you totally don't. You have to order them from the menu and they serve to your table.

Honestly, less choice, but delicious.

On the noodles part, I didn't find any appealing.

Beef noodles....very beefy taste!!

Aiyah..no picture for this zhao pai noodles is "zha kuey tiow" ---> nothing special to me, but my family like it. The "kuey tiow" is been deep fried (so it is crispy) and then sauce spread on top of it, just like wa tan ho.

Cha sau Pau, this one no good.

Won tun

All in all, I only like the Dim Sum. I don't rate this restaurant as average...maybe at the good category. Worth trying, but doesn't worth frequent patron. It's quite pricey though.

If you're not satisfied only dining in...hey this can entertain you!!!

If only you know how to read Chinese characters. Those are China history I supposed.

.Little tiny part of Forbidden City, ya ke?.


Mei Wah said...

star city? the last time i have been there - there are not so many shops opened... not so fun place for me. i never been to the restaurant... but it seems that they serves good food!!! (^_______^) *drool*

sooclara said...

mei wah : still many shops not open yet. no people come here shopping gehh..still the same, even some shop closed down. only come here eat and left..haha

david said...

hey girl thanks for this entry! hehe,i like the interior,yeah,zen feel