13 May 2008

So Not Me

Something is going wrong...

What is your priority right now?

1) More money
2) More time
A special boyfriend
4) Meet more people
5) Personal development
Be the most PATHETIC girl ---> I think I'm already one

and etc etc...

Without hesitation, I actually chose personal development! Can you believe it? Money, hey I need money!! Seriously, I'm insufficient!! How could I merrily pick that? hhmm hhmmm

And I find myself reading

Bloody £10 ( MYR 60 ... can eat TGI Fridays liao)

The Marketer

Books that I wouldn't pick in any bookstores! NEVER. EVER.

However, I ended up reading them.

Not sure whether you're able to get this magazine around KK,(I got from an institute friend here,whom subscribes) but you can visit what it is about here.

Rather than doing this

Candid 2007 : During work break

I know I know...you guys visit my blog because of photos right...

In my later post, I will show more makan-makan okay...

.Is not getting me anywhere!.


Alvin Lim said...

er...why pathetic...? =_= be more confident girl. believe in urself more :)

sooclara said...

alvin lim : thanks for your encouragement. I will try my very best! :)