15 May 2008

I am taller than U!

I was browsing through my last year's photos, bringing back the sweet old memories that had been leave behind.

And so, I'd this picture which I think you might want to have a look - taken in October.

wow!! Who is that man?

Hunchback of the Notre Dame.

I wonder if he is in the Malaysia Book of records or maybe Guinness Book of Records. He needed a stick to sustain him. Big hands and huge feet.

I remembered, he was standing in front of The Ship Restaurant, not doing anything just stand there like a dummie. He doesn't even speak nor smile.

Myriad people came to have a look, not knowing of why was he there actually. But I'm sure he was used to draw the crowds and that man beside him kept cajoling the crowd to dine in the restaurant.

Neither one attracted me. But The Ship is well-known of its steaks with beautiful prices, if you get what I mean.

.me, tall? nope.


david said...

long legs! maybe he is 8feet!
btw, i'm your avid reader =)

sooclara said...

yeah i think so..
thanks! do drop by.. =)