16 October 2008

Long awaiting

Have been waiting for this post for 4 days???

Here it is..for YOU YOU YOU!!!!!!!! ;)

As I mentioned, I'm gonna give away selected products to my readers right?

I've come up with an idea. I actually thought of slogan, well, not for now. But I prefer the best comment from anyone of you would get it! As simple as ABC!

No rules and regulation but be logic lahhh..don't keep on commenting using various nicknames because I can track your IP address anyway. Eventually, I will DISQUALIFIED the person okay?

The Judging
Solely, how I'm gonna judge is through all the coming up post on how would you comment.

The Flooding Comments
Okay, I don't mind to receive many comments by A PERSON in ONE post, just use the same nickname so that I know it's you. But please do not flood the comment box with different nicknames as I could check your IP address.

The Time Frame
This is going to run for the next 10 posts and then I'll announce the winner in my blog.

The Prize
I would not change the Prize, only will be reveal when there's a winner. Whatever I pick for you, it's final.

The Winner
Where ever you are, I'm going to post to you. So, don't worry! =)

What else do you wanna find out before I go any further in my next 10 posts? Just drop me the question in the comment box and I'll try my very best to get back to you ASAP.


Gallivanter said...

OooOoooOoo!! Me Me Me Me! It's not a makeup kit, is it? :-)

sooclara said...

HEHE...who knows? then you give it to a girl then LOL

Mei-Wah said...

am i eligible? (^_____^)
hehehee~~~ makeup is girls' bestie~