14 October 2008

Stomach Satisfaction

I promised you this post. =)

My dinner for last Saturday night is .....

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant in Damai. Above Ringo shop.

Japanese Food. *shinning eyes* What so special??!! sushi only mahh. That's not my point.

The point is the food portion is HUGE, even my dad can't finish his set. And after my meal, I felt so blotted!

Let the picture do justice with what I've said.

Raw salmon at RM 25 (7 slices)

Can you see the salmon, so big slice!!! Yummy...chewable. Goes superb with wasabi!

Close up for you to see how big per slice.

So far, I don't see any Japanese Restaurant offer such big slice with reasonable price. ;) One Star credited to Miyabi!

My mum already taken half of it before I snapped it. Too fast too furious...tak bernanti nak makan. Hehehe

Come with white shredded carrot some more! What a good deal. Cheh white carrot only..so cheap..hahaha!! =p

My set meal...

Tepanyaki Set Beef - RM 17

Look...RM 17 for so many varieties in a set. Fried beef with sauce, miso soup, salad, pickles, stewed tuna fish, garlic rice and fruits. No money added for garlic rice!! Which other Japanese Restaurant give such offer? You tell me and I'll go try it out. Another Star for Miyabi~~

My mum's pick of the day for her stomach is

Tepanyaki Set Fish - RM 17 (for heathly eating)

Every other small varieties are the same like mine. Just that hers is Fish and mine is Beef. Yum yum!!

My dad's one is more special because he opted for Sushi platter like this

Miyabi Set - RM 24 (12 pieces)

What are the sushi he had there? Salmon, Octopus, White Tuna, Eel (Unagi), Tuna, Japanese Omellete, Shrimp, Shrimp Toe, Tuna-mayonaise and Tuna roll.

Not only that....you haven't have enough of them yet? Don't you?

Ala Carte some more...

"Age Dashi Doofu" Deep Fried Beancurd - RM 6

The beancurd is smooth, doesn't goes hard on the outside. Open up one appetite. Even if you're not hungry, you would wanna have them.

Dumpling Fried Oyster - RM 25 (half a dozen)

My parents love them very very much. I'm not an oyster eater though, so I barely can tell whether it's good or not. After I tried the cold and raw oyster...and I tasted all the oyster the same in raw or fried.

This restaurant has been here for quite some time but I didn't go until last week. I remembered long long time ago, during my high school days, I asked my mum to bring me there, but she told me I wouldn't know how to eat their food.

Because that time very SAKAI!!!

Japanese food isn't that popular yet and not many of them mushroom in KK. But now...you can start counting them.

Potraits of Japanese girls in Kimono occupied the wall.

The restaurant is rather small and not many patron have dine here. I think the owner is just catering to his loyal customers.

Closer look like this

with an umbrella...

Upper - The Japanese having their meals on the floor
Lower - I don't know what it is, funny masks and animals.

This is cute. The huge spoon with a thumbs up on the other end. So humour!

and the sushi bar

Sushi man so concentrating in making sushi of courseeee

So quiet and cozy environment..

and the modern of Japanese Man dressing. The Japanese top with jeans. Cool or not? Eeewww HAHAHHA!!

waiters with same hair style

Miyabi you get STARS from me. Hurry go eat!! =p

Eat or else you will regret..LOL!


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The salmon looks delicious!!!

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i have been there!!!
i love Damai and i am missing Damai... *sobs*

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