12 October 2008

Feminine Post

**The title have make some guys to close this window continue to read on. You will want to know**

onjour, sekalian!

How's your day? Sounds like a letter...aiks! Yesterday was my off-day and it's so great to lazy around the house and went out for indoor shopping with family.

I even used the reason to sleep late the day before (that's the only day I could sleep late and wake up late the next day) and did some blog hopping, watch some youtube videos, going through my friendster & facebook. Ahhh...so many things to get myself update and that's the only time I have. *sigh*

I wanted to blog about what I had for dinner yesterday...but its' takes time and it was already late by then. Don't worry, I must and really want to blog about it! So stay tune ok.

By the way, present the Feminine Products!!

Here's what I've got...

1. Origins - Modern Friction for the Body (Body Scrub)
2. iNeuvo - Lady Speed Stick (Roll on Deodorant)
3. Secret Lush Lipstick
4. Secret Lush Loud Mascara (Grey, Brown, Green)
5. Secret Lash'cious Mascara - Tease & Tantalise
6. Clinique Full Potential Lips - Plump and Shine

I'm gonna do the product review in my upcoming posts. I haven't start using products (4) yet, so not able to comment about them just yet, well maybe in future after I've tried them out.

Good News to all of you! Guess what??!!


I'm giving away selected products to you. All you've to do to grab them is to stay tune to my blog while I think how I should give them away to you. YES I MEAN YOU...YOU!!!

**I will not be racist/discriminate in giving out the products. Even if you are a guy, join along, I will get something for you too, just don't worry.**

I should now proceed to enjoy my Sun-day before Monday Blues conquer my emotions. LOL!

Happy Sunday-ing Everyone! =)


Sista said...

Give cash la, it fits both sexes perfectly so you won't have to get something else for if a male wins. Kan? Ahaha.

sooclara said...

sista : Cash saja you tau..! =P btw, you still owe me ..hahaha

Mei-Wah said...

hey, you are giving out goodies! got any chances for me? *twinkle in my eyes*

sooclara said...

Of course...you are included! :)