09 October 2008

Ladies shower takes time

Myriads guys/men always wonder why ladies have to shower very very long. So here am I to explain to all the guys out there, what we do. >.< Be prepared on what I'm gonna tell you! Gahh!! *winks*

First we enter the bathroom, reflecting ourselves on the mirror and of course checking out on our face. Saw the black and white head on the nose, start trying to squeeze them out.

After a few attempts, feeling tired and still it stuck. Fine. So open the water tabs, starts to shower. Half way almost done with the washing up then apply face scrub to the nose area only. (that is what I always do, but I think most of the girls apply whole face) After the scrubbing continue squeezing the stubborn black & white head.

Done with the nose. Then apply hair treatment to our hair leaving it there for like 10-15 mins. While waiting for the 10-15 mins pass by, we scrub our body! Smart and efficient time management right - LOL - kill two birds with one stone. ;)

The scrubbing and cleaning more or less takes away 10-15mins which is also the right time to wash the hair treatment already.

What more when we have a bath tub. After the scrubbing, we soak in warm water. So soothingggg!!!!! Owhh.. :D

Am I clear enough to stand up for the ladies and answering your doubts? Ladies, do you agree with me? Maybe you would wanna add on the list of what you do interval showering time. Hehehe!!!

** Actually, ladies with long hair takes longer time to wash it. And that's why we are a bit slower here...again**

By the way, some guys do takes time in bathroom. I really wonder what they do. Now I'm questioning them. If any of the man wants to answer my question, let me know and I'll check you out.

I want to reveal my products again, well that will be my next post. Bear in mind, I only review the products that do good to me. But it doesn't guarantee justice to all.

It's 11.11pm now and the Bed is waiting. Sweet dreams and Nighty!


Gallivanter said...

Ain't that the truth! LOL

cAth said...

wtf de longest bath i ever took is 10min only lo ok.lol

sooclara said...

gallivanter: what makes you think that?

cath: eh, don't pollute my comment box ok.ahahha :p it is because you mandi kerbau bah girl....hahaha