08 October 2008

They say about me

Primary school days were the best because life was innocent and girls don't really get into boys. You know what I mean like puppy love or either hey that guy is gorgeous...look at him oowwhhh...*roll eyes*

I admit that I'm part of the jerky type in school and doesn't get wild when others did because I was really that shy!!

It was actually a trend to get friends and teachers to drop their words printed in our little so-called memory book. (I didn't do that in Secondary School) So before I graduated, I got a few of my teachers to drop me some words in my little autograph - Miao Miao Club. (Found it when I was clearing up my room)

Let's see what they have to say about me.

Selamat bercuti. (Tidak lama lagi kan....) Semoga berbahagia selalu. Terima kasih.

That's my Bahasa Melayu teacher.

My respond to him today...

Cikgu, Memang ingin bahagia selalu..tapi hidup ada naik ada turun. Moga-moga bahagia lebih daripada kesedihan.

He was one of the funniest teacher ever in my Primary School. He did really make the whole class laughed by sharing those joke of a boy that licked his own flu. Okay, I know it was disgusting but I barely remember what's joke, I just recalled he loved saying this joke of a boy because he shared it in class and his tuitions.

Khas untuk Clara,

Hidup ini penuh dengan cabaran, hadapilah deangan hati yang tenang dan ceria.

Semoga gembira dan ceria selalu.

Science teacher.

He is one of the teacher that I still keep contact with on and off. Yeah I agreed that hidup ini penuh dengan cabaran...I'm not even half way of my life (assumed I can live until 65 years old)


Hidup ini sememang penuh dengan cabaran. Kadang-kadang nak tamatkan sahaja tetapi nyawaku berharga dan perlu diteruskan. Semoga berharap saya dapat hadapi dengan adanya bimbingan anda sehinggaku berjaya nanti. hehhehe!!

Buat adik Clara,

Perjalanan hidup kamu masih terlalu jauh. Oleh itu banyak perkara yang perlu anda hadapi. Dalam menghadapinya kamu perlu mengambil sikap positif dan pertimbangan yang jitu. Saya pasti kejayaan ada ditangan kamu sekiranya tindakan sikap kamu sertai pimpinan Tuhan. Semoga Berjaya!

I forgot what she taught me but I remembered I went to her tuition too. One of my favy teacher that helps me alot in my spiritual life and my outdoor activities. She was really encouraging and supportive. But its been ages I've no news about her. :( I guess if I see her again one day, I'm going to be that shy again.

I don't know what to say...

Erm..cikgu, saya rasa saya selalu terburu-buru! :S tetapi nasihat awak itu memang perlu saya praktikkan dalam membuat keputusan dan kerja. Terima Kasih. Semoga Tuhan memberkati awak dan keluarga.

My English teacher. The most weirdiest teacher ever in my whole school. She used drumsticks to hit our hands, all of us..! I'm not saying chicken drumstick ok..it's the stick used to play drum. It was painful. :(

Dear Clara,

Put more attention and effort in your studies in order to pass all your exams with flying colours.

So I was playful during her class...and I was very talkactive with my side-by-side friend.

Yes it's very true I need to put more attention because I easily get distracted!!! Whatever things could get me distracted, even a colourful paper or a dog outside the field. *sigh* And effort. I'm not born to be smart or the type that listen once and remembered forever. I needed to burn midnight oil and keep on repeating the same old page to get information really goes into my brain for some time.

Last but not least,

from the principal.

Dear Clara my daughther in Christ,

Trust in God all the time and he will see you through.

I believe all these words have brought me through the years until I'm now 20. There were the true teachers to me during my days, they teach, they build, they shape, they love, they care and most of all they nurture us inside out!

They really gave me inspiration again after reading them.

Life is never good all the time. But trying our best to maximize it. Have good days ahead everyone!


Mei-Wah said...

hahaha!!! i kept all my autographs too!!! when i read it again now, i will laugh on the things my friend wrote to me... lol~

Gallivanter said...

A nice walk down memory lane...

cAth said...

ei wei i had the same diary with u.. Miao Miao Club..ahahahaha

sooclara said...

mei wah : it's very funny. really..the journey of growing up.

gallivanter: yeah. how about yours?

cath: haha. what a coincidence! :)