05 October 2008

Random during Sick & Hari Raya


Been MIA again... 15 minutes to 9pm and I felt so sleepy now. Anyway, I'm gonna talk a bit before I go missing again. LOL!! (Okay, I will try to post during the weekdays *winks*)

I'm now back to work again. It's tiring I don't know why because my work isn't piling up yet but I deal with quotations on the first day. I really anticipate I pick up everything by this coming week because the lady is going to resign. In between work, when I just laid my ass on the executive chair, I really really super agree that Studying is so much Better than Working!

I've been sick exactly for a week and I almost get myself bedridden. Really that serious like that. So when I was rolling on my bed pressing my mobile, I discovered I had this.

The bad guys - Bill, Paul & Steve trying to eat me!

Sony Ericsson Series of Pacman. I think I was bluetooth-ing with my friend and got this game installed in my mobile. It gets me addicted!!

I didn't get enough of it when I got a little better and went to search online.

I'm really that addicted like that. Found the classic Pacman. hehehehe!!

And started playing...playing..until I got sick of it today!

The first day of Hari Raya I was still feeling unwell but because of Food...I forced myself up and found myself sitted in Grand Portview Seafood Restaurant without nice dressing. (just a plain shirt with jeans and my mobile in my hand) It is because of food!! ;)

Had this conversation with my friend during the dinner.

Me: Hello...
Friend: Hi! How are you feeling now?
Me: A bit ok lah...but still freaking pain. *sad voice*
Friend: Ohh..drink more water then. What are doing now?
Me: Having my dinner.
Friend: So noisy, you outside ar?
Me: Yup.
Friend: You said its freaking pain but you're now eating out!!!
Me: Hehehehe!!
Friend: Because of FOOD mannnnn!!! You "si sitt"(hakka) means love eating.

See...How much I love food. It's a bit weird, I didn't lose my appetite. My mum cooked a whole bowl of porridge and I finished it all up. And I even craved for "Ngiu Chap".... What sickness is this?? I got fever, cough and serious sore throat - gotta take antibiotics, no joke!!

I had my very first Osyter in my 20 years of life. It is to eat it raw with the lime squeezed upon it. Nahh...not my favy though but its worth trying once in your lifetime.

On the 4th day of Hari Raya I took this pictures...

Reminds me of how beautiful my tanah air.

It also rebuked me to utilize my everyday time in fulfiling a-day-things-need-to-do-before-sunset.

Another one..

Pictures taken with Sony Ericsson K610. Quality isn't good.

Suddenly so emo.

HAPPY HARI RAYA TO ALL OUT THERE...whether you're celebrating or not, we are Malaysian, we celebrate sama-sama!!!

Coming up next : Words from my teachers...

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