27 September 2008

In between changing jobs

Last Thursday was my last day at work. But on Wednesday after work, I reached home and almost collapsed because I was suffering headache, cold and fever. Felt like DYING! The three weeks investment in Lekor and Pisang Goreng finally called a death sentence to me that I should also Quit. MC on the last day like I do it on purpose but hey, I'm really ILL okay, no kidding.

I thought I could get things done before my new job starts again next week. I'm anticipating it would be much much better than before and it is what I wanted to do :) *sick still can smile?* I also plan to go shopping with mum but to no avail I've to stay at home and rest.

This is bad ...

The blue one is for fever and the yellow brown is antibiotics

But I've to take it each time after food. I'm getting weaker and weaker. Have been sick countless time, up to date I think second or the third time I'm taking antibiotics. What is 2008?!! 8 isn't suppose to be a good number? How I come I can get so sick? 2008 is sick of me? LOL~

I was typing an email to a pharmacist future to be that she should graduate asap so that she could give free consultation with discounts in prescribing medicine to me.

She replied me :

But what they always tell us is advise patient to drink lots of water, keep hydrated & rest heaps...hehe..free counselling 4 u leh hehe..did i just chase a customer away by giving lame ass advice haha..

She is actually one of my good buddy still studying in NZ.

that is her. yumcha in Waterfront during her summer break.

She is still single and available ;) So any of you would like her contact, you just let me know but I do need to charge some fee as a middle person/broker(LOL). I wonder she would have time to see herself her because she's always busy with lab reports, internships and hardly go online in msn, maybe Once In a Blue Moon.

I gotta get some more rest. Hampir jadi bedridden....choi~~~ more stories laterrr..

.Mari kita bersalam-salam, minta maaf zahir dan batin, counting down the days to get well so that I can eat RENDANG!!! Please!! Please!! I must be heal before the moon become full...nono..i mean before full moon when Hari Raya will be declared on air.*fingers cross*

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