24 September 2008

Causes of looking Fleshy

My family members especially are reluctant on how big my tummy has grow. I'm gonna tell you what I ate and how I became fleshy lately.

One thing for sure, is the hormone reaction. Either you're happy or you're stress, one easily put on fat! Yes, fat! errmmm for my case, I think I was both. Happy after work, Stress during work.

The second influencing factor is the people around my work place. All of them love to eat just that my manager and I are the ones non-stop eating and influencing the others too. :D Food is good okay?!

A bunch of us love food; great influence from me

Fasting month for the Muslim but Eating Feast for people like me. Due to strategic location, Tanjung Aru Ramadhan Stalls are just a stone throw away from my work place. And you tell me, how can I resist such temptation where by the food are cheapppp???

I am not getting sick of the food yet...although this week is the third week. Oh no, 1 more week left only!! My menu and never miss during tea time..

6 pieces for RM 1. Doesn't hurt my pocket. :) I *heart*

Lekor!(Fried flour with fish) Very addictive bites I tell you. Never enough! And last but not least Pisang Goreng!!!(Fried banana)

6 pieces for RM1. Heavennnnn!!!!!

Crispy. These fried bananas are really good. Well it's easy to get both of these over here because there's ONE and ONLY stall.

See... Lekor and Pisang Goreng need lots lots of oil to fry. It is so unhealthy and I've been consuming them almost every day. Maybe 4 times a week; enough to shorten my life span. *Pimples popping out at forehead. Goshhhh!*

Some great food along the way...

Ikan Bakar, Sotong Bakar and etc

Barbeque food. Fish, Octopus , Chicken wings..you name it! And I saw the prawn, still on the way to be served on the barbeque stand.

Kuih Muih 3 for RM 1.

Martabak for RM 1.50 per piece. Some of the kuih muih beside..

Martabak.(Flour with choice of vegetable or meat in it) These stalls are open once a year.(It is depends if Hari Raya happen to be twice in a year) Cheap, good food, where to get? Might as well, eat now...hahaha!!

Spot my leg

On my way back this hungry cat even block my way and keep Miao-ing! She followed me from the stalls until half way back to my office. I guess she also want to Buka Puasa. Too hungry.


eerr, if you don't mind, you can invite me to your open house too. ;) Because there will be rendang and kari, I know I know..my saliva is starting to drip. Gotta wipe my lappy now....byeee..!!


Mei-Wah said...

fasting month is going to end!
funny thing is: i rarely see the malay lady in front of me fasting. during this fasting month, i saw her eating and telling me that she's sick/period pain/period/not feeling well/not in the mood to fast/etc.

Sista said...

wtf show us a photo of your big tummy to prove how big it is la, stop bragging about how big and how big, show us and let us tell you how big! wtf lol.

sooclara said...

mei wah : well, some malays they dont fast..heheh

sista: enough laa...i dont wanna show my big tummy ok. so disgusting! wtf

Mei-Wah said...

btw, you ain't fleshy okay?!?
you looked better with a lil' bit flesh on!