04 April 2011

Quick hello


So my tutorial will start in half an hour, might at least drop a few words before I venture further to my thoughts and left this blog for a caveman years again! Sorry about that. Although, I know my sorry came out a thousand times here and there, but I really do owe you guys an apology.

Life has been awesome. Did you just hear me say awesome? Perhaps, I exaggerate that but I still think it should be that way because the choices between awesome & disaster, of course everyone would go for the awesome one lahh.. Been busy for CNY - Singapore holiday - and now back to uni for 6 weeks now. How fast it could be?

I have been catching up with the lifestyle of Australians. Not that I am trying to become like them but trying to live like them, well, authenticity! I think I crap too much. Not really though, just want to live happily in Sydney lahhh...aihh~~

Part of the reason I didn't blog for quite some times because of some legal matters that I am unable to reveal myself yet to the public and it prohibits me from doing so in order to fight for my rights. Though I don't know whether I should just move on and forget about it or hire another socilitor (means paying upfront money) to die die help me win the case. Too much info. Should stop here.

And time's up. Got to go "fishing"! wtf! Enough of the short update. Talk to you guys soon. Sorry no photo, but will dig some out soon for your viewing pleasure and compensate your time. kthxbai! :D

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Sista said...

forget about it if upfront money is needed. miss you! glad to have u write again. :)