06 April 2011

Weird Malaysian in Sydney

UPDATE : I actually end the friendship right after I post this on Wednesday. He called me at night and apologized for his behaviour and the reason was he can't take it because I rejected him for not accompanying him to lunch -____-'''' SWEAT! I just told him, it's enough and that I don't think this friendship is going to work. Don't think he still understand because he texted me again last night but I just ignored him. I am kinda afraid of him now, maybe he is abit 'siao'!!!

Sorry no pictures yet for this post because I want to tell you guys a story. An interesting story about a Malaysian that I met in Sydney. I want to share because I felt frustrated & angry also at the same time. Dunno whether I am wrong or selfish or whatsoever adjectives you could describe laa...

I know this guy through an Australia student forum. We didn't chat alot but since we both from Malaysia and then some more in a foreign land, don't think he would harm me. So ok, exchanged email. Then slowly exchanged numbers and then planned to meet. (Not to forget to say, in the end, we found out we live in the same suburb and only two streets away from each other)

The first time I saw him, his impression to me was his a bit girlish lah.. probably like a bit "gay". I am not discriminating is just my opinion ok. Initially, he asked me alot of things like my lifestyle and my background stuff like that and then when I asked him back he was like keeping quiet and said "I don't need to tell you that, if you know me for long you will know about me". Fine, he has a point but it seems unfair he can asked me but when I asked him back he gave me this kind of answer. Nevermind.

Since after we met up, he constantly text me like E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. hello? who does that? I have to attend uni and work. Instead, he is a Master graduate and has nothing to do, no part time job, absolutely nothing. What he did everyday is sleep, wake up, movies, games. So he is bored and kept asking me to accompany him for movies, dinner and church. I felt irritated seriously! Sometimes he will like text me "YO!". Who the hell text like that? Unless he is my very close friend trying to catch up or something. But he is texting me everyday. So I just ignored him most of the time until he had to call me. Usually I am either at work or still at uni rushing my assignment, no time to entertain. The funny thing is, he is a Master graduate and cannot speak proper English, he could text but couldn't speak well. I spoke to him in English at first and I couldn't understand what he is trying to say and then when I asked him question he couldn't get me and kept on asking me to repeat. How annoying is that? Then I said, forget about it, speak Mandarin.

As time passed by, I really feel like vomiting at times. Like a while ago, he called me to ask me out for lunch. I just had my lunch and wanted to start my assignment due on Monday. He was hanging on the phone and went "haihhhh...haihh". My phone died in the middle when he was sighing. Good thing! So went to charge my mobile and texted him "Sorry, my phone no battery. Talk to you later". Then he started saying all the shits ..

"Ask you to accompany me to eat lunch also don't have time"

Then I replied him "I have an assignment due. If I go out, at least 2hours will be gone, sorry can't waste time, tomorrow uni start at 9am."

Can you believe he said this "why are you so calculative as a friend?"

If he could have understand my situation. I only have Wednesday to do my work properly, catch up on readings and assignment and he knew that from the first place because I told him when we first met that I am busy & I have work as well.

then I replied him "Sorry, I really don't have time and I can't do anything! I am not a good friend. I think you could find better friend than me".

He responded "Please stop mad at me".

Since when I got mad at him?! And then I called him straight away he didn't answer the phone. Confirm avoid me!!

I really want to stop being friend with this kind of people. First we have communication breakdown. Even I speak Mandarin also he can't get me. Then he came out with all the stupid things like I said above (many other more, lazy to describe) really wasting my time.

Moral of the story is, even he is a Malaysian, same country where I grew up, we can't get along. In big city like this, I thought if I knew more Malaysians would be great. This proved that my judgment is wrong! If you were me, will you feel annoy?! And is it worth to become friends? 


Isaac said...

this guy is either the only child or he just bored being alone...hahahaah

Sista said...

i will feel very effing annoyed lor! anyway, not worth your time, forget about him. he suck!

sooclara said...

Isaac : Not the only child. I actually ask him lo. He don't admit he is bored. Don't think he has productivity each day :/

Sis : if u were me, i think u ask him shuddup and get out of your face.

Sista said...

i'll say fark off too ahaha.