09 April 2011

Picture Time

As promised, I will post some pictures - mainly I am the spotlight coz you guys have already forgotten how I look :D Agree? Also, I have created a poll question for you to answer by the end of this post (means after looking at my pictures).

Question : What do you think I look now?

A. Fat
B. Fat
C. Thin. Actually fat

Haiyah, I don't want to live in denial already. I seriously think I put on weight. Everyone said I look different and I asked which part they just can't tell me. Perhaps, because I am fat and hence they don't dare to tell me and maintain to say good words like "You still look good". OVERRATED!

This is taken in last week of February during my visit to Singapore. So why rabbit? I am born in the year of rabbit and I believe many people think that 2011 is going to be a good year. Did yours went well as of today?

This one a bit old school with my black frame glasses. I think this was right after CNY and I went out with my friend for dinner *compensate my birthday dinner. (although it was already over a month) But my friend is amazing like that. I guess I look slimmer here, probably is the camera angle.

This one is the most recent one I've got in my lappy for now. Taken 2 weeks ago during my tutorial exursion to The Rocks (If you want to know then Google lah, lazy to explain). Oh, and that is my new Japanese friend, Eriko. I am always easily recognized by all lecturers through my entire days in uni coz I am the only Asian in the class. Now that Eriko is in one of my class, we are the only Asians and our lecturer doesn't need to call our names for attendances.

This last pic enough illustration. geddit geddit??!!

Don't forget to answer my poll question ok. Thank kiu! 

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Sista said...

not fat. :)