08 January 2010

Searching for New Look

I am trying to search for New template for this blog. But it is so DIFFICULT lorr..

First it shouldn't be brown because this blog has been brownie for the past 2 years. Black should be the most easy one coz it goes with any colours. But I don't find it to look nice either (in my opinion).

Secondly, I don't want it to look like a scrap book either.

Third, I am trying to mix & match colours so that when you visit my blog, the colours able to soothe your eyes, something like that or find it calm & relax.

Have been searching for like an hour, yet didn't find any that I fond off. Not even one. *sigh*

I guess you have to stick with this template for the next few days or either forever if I didn't find any liking towards my research.


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