13 January 2010

One year older

** Thank you for all the birthday wishes through SMS, Email and Facebook. I can feel the warmth. =) **

Happy Birthday to myself *clap hands

I wasn't excited about my own Birthday. I duno why. Maybe because I am one year older. Or either Taiwan trip is exactly a week from today that is why I feel more excited for this one.

Yesterday, I had a simple dinner. Not quite fond of the food from Luna Rossa, Jeselton Point. No "wow" effect at all! *mumbles

Not sure whether my family and I will be dining out or dining in tonight. Doesn't matter, just want to have good food *winkz

Babai for now. Catch up again!

P/S : I found a template. Need some time to do some modification! You don't need to be stuck with this template anymore! =)

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