19 January 2010

Makan & Yumcha Sessions

**Edited. Please scroll down!

I have some time to blog now! I'll be going to MIA again tomorrow, flying to Taiwan! Yayy!! When I am back, you may hear about my Taiwan trip. For now, I need to quickly blog before I am lazy or forget about them!

My birthday was very simple, a family dinner in Little Italy. Nothing to shout about! No presents :( like I did during our younger days. I was anticipating for presents more than the party. I am sure everyone was like that too! ;)

Dishes from Little Italy! Great! *Thumbs up

A few days before my birthday, I met up with two girls from my high school for lunch.

Three of us : yours truly, jenny, siew yie (nah, your big face..ahahha!)

Moonbell Restaurant in Gaya Street. Recommended anything with Lamb. *yummss..

And last Sunday yumcha session in Upperstar Lintas /yippie!

Nice sitting spot! Fits perfectly for 7 of us. I'd chose! ;) *Thank you camera man

Jenny - All the jokes were super funny especially the diary *inside joke


Another thing I want to share about is I've got a delivery yesterday.

(The postman came to my house but I wasn't at home. So they dropped a note in my mailbox to pick it up in the Post Office)

This morning, I woke up and saw a message from Pumpkin aka Trisha asking whether I received a parcel from Poslaju yet. Now I knew who was that. I was wondering since yesterday.

I went to the post office today because too anxious & curious at the same time. (I asked for a second delivery but told the fastest they could arrange is tomorrow. *sigh* I am not around already lorr..) A parcel deliver with Poslaju; must be something important.

Can't wait! And teared it once I got into my car!

Something I got from Topshop! hhhmmm...

The content inside : 2 briefs and a note. A little view of my feet.

I like them!! Some more got receipt inside. LOL! So I text-ed her and she told me she was rushing! Nevermind lah, not that I mind also! Asalkan dari hati yang ikhlas and that you remember me! Thank you so much pumpkin. *muaks* XOXO

Need to do my packing now! Happy holidays to me! And a great week ahead guys!

P/S : The underwear in pink & white, I am wearing it now. It feels super comfy! I think big bucks means big comfy! huhu..


Sista said...

why she tiba2 buy taifu for you, send tru postlaju lagi tuh. u ngam ka wtf hahaha.

bong said...

i start to feel this is a very feminine blog... i very malu reading your post... hahaha...

bong said...

and i must say little italy & moonbell are my favourite restaurants... good choice...

pumpkin said...

Aduh..buat apa show off tu brief kat blogspot..some more bongkar so much of backstage story..HAHAHAHHAHAHAA....

sooclara said...

Sista : ngam ahh!! u ask her lah. I am so Good, of course she wants 2 send me those briefs..hahah!!

bong : cheh!! ahha..underwear only mahh..!! u wear oso mah..js tht girls 1 got lace lk tht..hehe

yeah good food! mauhah

pumpkin : i am wearing the pink & white now..very comfy ohh!! 30 bucks punya taifu memang got difference lahh!! keke! thanks again!