19 November 2009

Happy Feet 2009

Were you expecting about Happy Feet the movie?

Not at all related :) but solely happyfeet of mine I am going to talk about :p

This is my feet. Without pedicure service ever in life! Neither I am interested or I think is just a waste of money. HOWEVER, now I really think it is somewhat needed especially wearing heels. Oh gosh, another thing to spend money on. Huhu..!! God, please help me to save $$ ... more saving each day!

By blogging this post, you may see most of my anything-that-can-be-put-on-on-feet.

Like one of my shoes. Nike. Brought during big sale for RM129. Super comfy!

Taken during one of the jogging days which was months long ago when I was hardworking during weekends.

And my super "dai"(deal) flats. Brought from Philippines at RM18. Not only with style but with looks too. Really happy for getting such bargain *jumps up & down*

I remembered very well of this pic. Something happened which I quarreled with my parents and my friend picked me and had this picture snapped. Not a big quarrel though. But still it is fresh in my mind.

At times, I used to wear slipper before & after work (No longer anymore). I changed to my heels upon reaching my work place and vice versa. Especially during the happy time (even still now), I would quickly wanted to rush home after my mission accomplished during a work day. But unlucky times, I had to answer my nature call first because it can't wait. Geezzz!!

This is it. Roxy from Australia. A gift from cousin.

Aha...my fixed heels :) *proud

My working heels from Vincci at RM 28 during 70% sales. I bought this very urgently because I didn't have a black heels and my company requires no other colour than black. Grab this immediately when my size & pricing matched me.

Taken during my personal business in Mrs Loo office. I was boring and nothing to do. This heels is going to Rest In Peace very soon. The grip got screwed up on the left side; the screw is visible and I have no intention of fixing it or either buying a NEW BLACK HEELS.

I hope you understand and get the message. Don't you? And this is the purpose of blogging about my Happyfeet if you get the answer from my working heels :D


Sista said...

the pic that you were wearing your roxy flip flops, where did u took it? Your flats belum rosak ar? Heh.

sooclara said...

in the staff locker toilet ..LOL! y??
my flat no kerosakan detected yet! :)