15 November 2009

To Hershey's Love

One of my best discovery of Hershey's. To all the Hershey's Lover & Fan, this post is specially for you! ;) (Ohhh, I make it up for the promise, don't you love me now?)

At first, I thought nothing to see in Hershey's. Is just another chocolate brand. I was very much keen to camwhore around Chicago Water Works, rather than in Hershey's okay. Because Chicago Water Works is a Landmark.

....I was so wrong! Hershey's which in
all sorts of shape & interesting chocolate becomes an icon only in USA not in Malaysia. (Might suggest one of the many places that one should pay a visit)

Despite I am not a Big Fan..erm well not even a fan maybe, but I still enjoy seeing all the Hershey's invention!

I must say the
Hershey's people are creative and bring much fun to a choco. And I brought much fun to you with Hershey's.

Have you seen such big kisses. This is only a dummy. Don't get cheated!

But this one is for real. REALLLL!!

Have you always wanted to make syrup? I am sure you get a normal one around in Supermarket, but not this.

Even larger than my face! How long does it takes you to finish the whole thing?

Hershey's Invention : Hershey's barbie??

What about the Hershey's Body Lotion? Dare to try?

Show you some of the chocolate equipment.

Gifts corner.

US is such a convenient country. You don't need to crack your head to think what to buy for someone. Just walk in a store, everything are prepared. All you need to do is simple : pick your choice & flash your money at the counter. That's it!

To my beloved readers, I didn't buy any Hershey's product, what I will give out to you is Hershey's Kisses from Chicago, USA! xoxo


Next update : Happy Feet! What do you think? About the movie? mm..let's see!