13 November 2009

Test & New stuffs

I am now going to study at least an hour a day! Ya, I know you are surprise. I need to prepare for a test...a test that determines part of my future, maybe contribution like 50% to the next step.

Please bear with me! And I will try my best to update more frequently than ever! Gosh! see I always give Janji Palsu... haiz...I think I should take back my words first. Sorry! Pull back! Pull Back! wtfish..!!


All of you, well maybe not, the ladies must be more interested in reading this than me explaining about the test.

So, here it goes. Some of the good buys I had in a day! I hardly shop but I pampered myself once in a blue moon. Nah, not pampered because it is not luxury stuff anyway, maybe more of like things I will use and need at the same time.

My Barang-Barang~~

1) Watson; Herbal Gingko Leaf mask from Watson. Price 19.90.

2) Heels from Doss RM 39. How I end up buying this? actually the story goes like this. I have a few clothes that doesn't have a match heels and that makes me doesn't wear them. So I have to grab this. But in a split second I thought why waste money and put it back. Then the flats that I was wearing, the grip on the right leg came off. Darn! I need this heels.

3) Hair Clip from Cindy RM 2.80. Very useful after shower. It is a summer year in Malaysia. Everytime after shower my hair hasn't get dry I clip my hair together during dinner. I don't need to tie my hair and left a shape there. Or even during daytime can clip all the hair up. ;)
And because someone break mine!

4) Accessories for head from Cindy RM 8.90. HOHO! I bought this all of the sudden because I think it is trendy and fun like that. I wanna wear it someday somewhere. Will post photos if I did.

I bought all cheap stuffs but for good use.

Ahhh..I am so Happy! Bedtime stories now! Goodnite peeps!

Next Update : I try to blog about Hershey Chocolate. Who doesn't know about the brand?

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