12 November 2009

Face Mask

I have actually lost count when was the last time I did mask on my face! *sigh* One of the reason being is Mask are quite pricey nowadays, like duh! which lady does not mask now? Unless you are talking about aunties selling vege in markets.

But hey, maybe some do so. Who knows? :x

And after a few days or maybe weeks of having indoor shopping, I finally settled on a mask. Someone had been complaining everytime I intended to buy mask but fail after looking at the price tag. Geezzz!!

Anyway, I bought it in the end...for RM 19.90 for 5 pieces. Reasonable right?? :)

See I cropped the pic because I really look like ghost!! In which I might scared you off your chair if you see the full caption. LOL!

What I like about this mask is because of the flexibility in stretching.

See can stretch until my ear. I guess this is quite a good one.

Brand : Watson
Ingredient : Herbal Gingko Leaf
Function : Whitening & Brightening (I prefer more for stress or tired, but sold out) Price : RM 19.90
Where to buy : Every Watsons outlet that is near to you


Sista said...

yiu luk so farny! ahaha

sooclara said...

what so funny?? :p

Sista said...

that you had to crop your pic cos u look like a ghost muahaha!!! so cun ar mask these days, can hang on the ear sumore, how come i donno wan wtf.