01 June 2010

Blogging with Nokia E63

hey ya!i think I would need blog guests (with S ok) to help me at time of hectic. I was working before and I thought when I am back to study I will have more time for unnecessary activities - this doesn't mean blogging :) what I mean time to relax and fool around.

It is now proven to be wrong!i am so busy with papers all the time! And to be true, this is my final week for the entire semester. How does it sounds to you? >.< very difficult for me to comment now because I don't see any strong learning outcomes I've gained so far. Bad -_-

Anyway,now the cursor stuck somewhere that I couldn't see what I am typing. I better stop now and get m rest. Because this is the fighting moment. I am trying to take it eady, but its really not easy with deep accent and subjects totally different that what I've studied in year 1. So many rants. Okok? Blog next time.i byebye!

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Sista said...

hello~ :)