04 January 2008

Sunday Market - Gaya Street

I make a visit to the Sunday Market in Gaya Street after uncountable donkey years that I’ve never been there. The sun shined intensely and brightly as it is a Sun-day morning.

I stood at a corner with shades, close to a stall selling plants perceiving the crowds. People busy buying their choice of goods; bargaining for a better price and some fully concentrating in observing the plants. On the other hand, there are pets for sale like hamsters, dogs, chicks and fishes. These stalls attracted many passers by especially the children; they were so enthusiastic to touch the dogs and chicks in the cage.

It is enjoying taking a walk here after so many years…bringing back the good old days memories when I was still a kid. During the upcoming of Chinese New Year, this place is flooded with Chinese New Year preparation goods. And my mum use to stop by every year to buy the Chinese tree ( don’t know what exactly it is called ) for decoration at home.

Clara Soo

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