09 January 2008

Youths - There's always hope

Do you ever ask yourself why do you continue to go for your piano class, why do you continue to go swimming and etc.. (willing to go without being force) There's always some thing that motivates us to go on in everything and anything we do.

I am good in motivating people but in fact I fail to motivate myself sometimes. Haha!! This always happen..like how Jennifer Lopez was an excellent wedding planner but failed to organise her own love life. Whatever it is, when you feel demotivated, don't give up, there's always hope as you are still young.

I have this feeling of giving out a helping hand to the youths but yet I do not know where to start. Should you need any help at any time, you can always contact me through emails or either call this number 088 - 237761 ; a helpline for youths. I, myself have not call in before but I do encourage the teenagers out there to seek proper help from here. Young people are the assets and sould be seen and heard in their proper place.

Clara Soo

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