10 January 2008

Evergreen Fresh Ta Cai

Seen this special vegetable in supermarkets before? My first time seeing such vegetable , looks like flower and I showed it to my mother.

Me: Ma, what vegetable is this? Why look so different one?

Mother: Yerr..where did you get this? *Turn the vegetable* ehh..this one is like Sawi.

Me: Huh?? oohh..I see!

Mother: You want to try or not? Cook some and see how it tastes.

Me: Up to you. I will eat.

It isn't cheap. RM 8.90 per kg for vegetable!! But my mother bought three stalks to try. Taste like any other vegetable I think, just like the sayur sawi..hehehe!! The preparation saved a lot of time because I just needed to peel the Ta Cai vege one by one like how we peel the flower petals. No cuttings, small enough to fit into ones mouth.

The front and behind

Ever Green Fresh Ta Cai RM 8.90 per kg

Clara Soo

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