14 January 2008

RM 20 note -- no change!!

Celebration is not over for me yet!! :) Oh yes, it is my BIRTHDAY!!
I'm 20 years old now...no more being a teenager i know but...but...look, if you were to count my age physically, I'm still young because your fingers and toes make up the sum of 20. HAHAHA!! The Chinese always symbolize our age by using money as an example of us getting old. Just like now, RM 20 note given to me, there would be no change anymore.

I've got 3 birthday cakes...unexpected!!! We get used to hear people said " Expect the unexpected " right? I expected some people would have wish me but in turn people I never expected wishes me. Amusing right? Anyway, my two primary school buddies that we tremendously rarely keep in touch in a year but gather once in a year had a pleasant night in Fish & Co, Warisan Square. It was supposed to be the usual gathering but since it was near to my birthday, why not celebrate? So both of them arranged everything however one particular that they cannot offered to me is to drive me *No offence*, I still have to be the chauffeur after 3 years of gathering. You guys must be enjoying the 3 years ride right? *Perasan* 1 bottle of mineral water for each of us is not enough because we were pouring out our stories of the year. Can you imagine, we have to take turns to talk??? I'm very glad that we are able to maintain this friendship. Let the pictures continue the say...

New York Fish and Chips

Baked salmon

Durian Cake

You two girls!!! Fabulous~~ Not only celebrate with me, bought me a home made cake, foot the bill and now presents. Thank you once again!

This picture is blur because I tried adjusting my digicam but still I failed

On my birthday night, I had a simple dinner with my family. At this age, I don't seem to ask presents from my family members, but in fact, I ask for more time, more of such kind of dinner to enjoy.

Beef steak

After the so-satisfied-dinner, I went out to celebrate again with my high school classmates in Atlantis Bistro, Waterfront.

American Apple Cheese Cake

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista

High school mates

I've to say I love receiving cards! A card from godmother with bible verses and words of encouragement. Okay? It sounds weird to you and you may give me the look what-is-godmother and where-on-earth-do-you-get-godmother? A godmother was assigned to me during my baptism and she is to guide me in my spiritual life and also pray for me; another adult to watch and care of my growing. I wonder whether my godmother would ever find out my blog and comment being a godmother.

Quoted from the card :
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows James 1:7

Quoted from the red packet :
You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence with eternal pleasures at Your right hand Psalm 16:11

Another cake by Ms.Cornylia...didn't have the chance to cut it because we had the bigger cake earlier on.

my nickname, BEBE, it was given by my classmates when I was back in Form 4.

I want to say a Big Thank You again to everyone that brought colours to my life and remembering me always in prayer.

Happy Birthday to me
Clara Soo


Adele said...

Wow.. so blessed with many good things :)

btw, are you still in kk?

sooclara said...

hi adele! glad to hear from you!
yes im still in KK, i will be around for quite some time! :)

Pinemind said...

war... back here for CNY holiday...? happy belated birthday, girl!