19 January 2008

Feed the fish

I was watching Go, go go trendy in AEC channel and the host were introducing this Fish Spa thingy that caught my sight. Okay, if you heard this before or tried many many times already, yet only now I knew, I'm really out-date!! Geezz

It started of in somewhere..Eastern Europe, Turkey ( Did i get my geography right? ) then to Asia, of course in Japan that always adapt the new trend in East Asia Region. And now in Pavilion,Kuala Lumpur.

The fishes only eat the dead and dry skin. I wonder the fishes grow bigger and fatter by eating those lousy skin? Laugh Out Loud! After the eating session, you will feel that your feet are smoother. Once a week is enough. That's how they introduce this Fish Spa to the audience..mm..so if you are interested in this spa thingy, I will hear you say " I want to feed the fish " muahaha..and the fish will be happy! :) Make sure you get the right fishes because Piranha eat human flesh.

Feed the fish
Clara Soo

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