20 December 2007

Farewell Dinner

Last week, my class had our very last dinner together in The Curve, Damansara. There were 18 students in my class however only 16 of us turned out and the other two had something to do. It was 13 December which was also our last examination paper for our course. We chose to dine in a restaurant - La Gourmet House because of the decoration and the atmosphere of it.

The lamp was cute and I'm so interested to actually have a picture of this

From the external look, we thought that this restaurant could be a nice one. I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara with chicken bacon (if i'm not mistaken). This was how it looked like.

Looked very cheesyyyy right??!! First few spoons, it tasted fabulous. Cheesy enough to me because I love cheese very much. Half way through, i felt disgusting which i couldn't take it anymore and i stopped. Too cheesy!! My friends were not really satisfied with the food.

That's me enjoying my friend's pizza eventhough I haven't done with my own meal yet

I was feeding Christina

After our not-really-satisfied dinner, we stayed back to chit chat, joke and laugh with one another and had our picture session together for the very last time.

My lecture and I

Later on the girls proceed to the camwhoring session!! That's the fun part of the night.

So far, I've only got these few pictures to show. Actually, there are more, wait until i received and post again.

Clara Soo

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